Industry: 3671—Electron Tubes
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electron tubes and tube parts. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing X-ray tubes and parts are classified in Industry 3844.

Cathode ray tubesPhotomultiplier tubes
Electron beam (beta ray) generator tubesPicture tube reprocessing
Electron tube parts, except glass blanks: bases, getters, and gunsPlanar triode tubes
Electron tubesReceiving type electron tubes
Gas and vapor tubesTelevision tubes
Geiger Mueller tubesTransmitting electron tubes
Klystron tubesTraveling wave tubes
Light sensing and emitting tubesTubes for operating above the X-ray spectrum (with shorter
Magnetron tubesVacuum tubes
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3671Electron Tubes114
367100Electron tubes35
36710000Electron tubes35
367101Cathode ray tubes, including rebuilt14
36710100Cathode ray tubes, including rebuilt8
36710101Picture tube reprocessing2
36710102Television tubes4
367102Transmittal, industrial and special purpose electron tubes65
36710200Transmittal, industrial and special purpose electron tubes4
36710201Electron beam (beta ray) generator tubes5
36710202Electron tubes, industrial2
36710203Electron tubes, nsk5
36710204Electron tubes, receiving type0
36710205Electron tubes, special purpose1
36710206Electron tubes, transmitting2
36710207Electronic tube parts, except glass blanks13
36710208Gas or vapor tubes6
36710211Light sensing and emitting tubes5
36710212Magnetron tubes1
36710213Photomultiplier tubes3
36710214Planar triode tubes1
36710215Traveling wave tubes3
36710216Tubes for operating above the X-ray spectrum2
36710217Vacuum tubes12