SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3669—Communications Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing communications and related equipment, not elsewhere classified. Important products of this industry are intercommunication equipment, traffic signaling equipment, and fire and burglar alarm apparatus.

Burglar alarm apparatus, electricRailroad signaling devices, electric
Fire alarm apparatus, electricSignaling apparatus, electric
Fire detection systems, electricSignals: railway, highway, and traffic—electric
Highway signals, electricSirens, electric: vehicle, marine, industrial, and air raid
Intercommunications equipment, electronicSmoke detectors
Marine horns, electricTraffic signals, electric
Pedestrian traffic control equipment
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3669Communications Equipment, Nec1,338
366900Communications equipment, nec175
36690000Communications equipment, nec175
366901Emergency alarms446
36690100Emergency alarms172
36690101Burglar alarm apparatus, electric73
36690102Fire alarm apparatus, electric57
36690103Fire detection systems, electric34
36690104Metal detectors53
36690105Sirens, electric: vehicle, marine, industrial, and air raid23
36690106Smoke detectors34
366902Transportation signaling devices416
36690200Transportation signaling devices172
36690201Highway signals, electric10
36690202Marine horns, electric8
36690203Pedestrian traffic control equipment60
36690204Railroad signaling devices, electric23
36690205Signaling apparatus, electric34
36690206Traffic signals, electric109
366999Communications equipment, nec, nec301
36699901Intercommunication systems, electric205
36699902Visual communication systems96