SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3663—Radio and Television Broadcasting and Communications Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing radio and television broadcasting and communications equipment. Important products of this industry are closed-circuit and cable television equipment; studio equipment; light communications equipment; transmitters, transceivers and receivers (except household and automotive); cellular radio telephones; communication antennas; receivers; RF power amplifiers; and fixed and mobile radio systems. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household audio and video equipment are classified in Industry 3651; those manufacturing intercommunications equipment are classified in Industry 3669; and those manufacturing consumer radio and television receiving antennas are classified in Industry 3679.

Airborne radio communications equipmentMultiplex equipment, radio
Amplifiers: RF power and IFPagers (one-way)
Antennas, transmitting and communicationsPhototransmission equipment
Broadcast equipment (including studio), radio and televisionRadio and television switching equipment
Cable television equipmentRadio receiver networks
Cameras, televisionRadio transmitting and communications antennas and ground
Carrier equipment, radio communicationsReceivers, radio communications
Cellular radio telephonesSatellites, communications
Citizens' band (CB) radiosSpace satellite communications equipment
Closed circuit television equipmentStudio equipment, radio and television broadcasting
Digital encodersTelemetering equipment, electronic
Encryption devicesTelevision monitors
Light communications equipmentTelevision transmitting antennas and ground equipment
Marine radio communications equipmentTransceivers
Microwave communications equipmentTransmitter-receivers, radio
Mobile communications equipmentTransmitting apparatus, radio and television
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3663Radio and T.v. Communications Equipment2,942
366300Radio and t.v. communications equipment985
36630000Radio and t.v. communications equipment985
366301Radio broadcasting and communications equipment506
36630100Radio broadcasting and communications equipment196
36630101Airborne radio communications equipment43
36630102Amplifiers, RF power and IF56
36630103Carrier equipment, radio communications20
36630104Cellular radio telephone59
36630105Citizens' band (CB) radio2
36630106Marine radio communications equipment19
36630107Multiplex equipment3
36630108Pagers (one-way)21
36630109Radio receiver networks29
36630110Receivers, radio communications28
36630111Transmitter-receivers, radio30
366302Television broadcasting and communications equipment254
36630200Television broadcasting and communications equipment110
36630201Cable television equipment57
36630202Cameras, television17
36630203Phototransmission equipment1
36630204Television antennas (transmitting) and ground equipment11
36630205Television closed circuit equipment33
36630206Television monitors25
366399Radio and t.v. communications equipment, nec1,197
36639901Antennas, transmitting and communications123
36639902Digital encoders45
36639903Encryption devices10
36639904Light communications equipment16
36639905Microwave communication equipment86
36639906Mobile communication equipment198
36639907Radio and television switching equipment5
36639908Receiver-transmitter units (transceiver)21
36639909Satellites, communications328
36639910Space satellite communications equipment115
36639911Studio equipment, radio and television broadcasting68
36639912Telemetering equipment, electronic58
36639913Transmitting apparatus, radio or television22
36639914Global positioning systems (gps) equipment102