Industry: 3661—Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wire telephone and telegraph equipment. Included are establishments manufacturing modems and other telephone and telegraph communications interface equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing cellular radio telephones are classified in Industry 3663.

Auto-transformers for telephone switchboardsSwitching equipment, telephone
Carrier equipment, telephone and telegraphTelegraph office switching equipment
Communications headgear, telephoneTelephone answering machines
Data sets, telephone and telegraphTelephone central office equipment, dial and manual
Facsimile equipmentTelephone dialing devices, automatic
Headsets, telephoneTelephone sets, except cellular radio telephone
Message concentratorsTelephone station equipment and parts, wire
ModemsTelephones underwater
Multiplex equipment, telephone and telegraphTelephones, sound powered (no battery)
Switchboards, telephone and telegraphToll switching equipment, telephone
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3661Telephone and Telegraph Apparatus1,146
366100Telephone and telegraph apparatus392
36610000Telephone and telegraph apparatus392
366101Telephones and telephone apparatus487
36610100Telephones and telephone apparatus203
36610101Autotransformers for telephone switchboards2
36610102Communication headgear, telephone35
36610103Facsimile equipment8
36610104Headsets, telephone39
36610106Switching equipment, telephone13
36610107Telephone answering machines12
36610108Telephone central office equipment, dial or manual11
36610109Telephone dialing devices, automatic12
36610110Telephone sets, all types except cellular radio35
36610111Telephone station equipment and parts, wire20
36610112Telephones, sound powered (no battery)3
36610114Toll switching equipment, telephone2
366102Telegraph and related apparatus20
36610200Telegraph and related apparatus5
36610201PBX equipment, manual or automatic8
36610202Telegraph office switching equipment0
36610203Telegraph or telephone carrier and repeater equipment7
36610204Telegraph station equipment and parts, wire0
366199Telephone and telegraph apparatus, nec247
36619901Carrier equipment, telephone or telegraph18
36619902Data sets, telephone or telegraph8
36619903Electronic secretary11
36619904Message concentrators25
36619905Multiplex equipment, telephone and telegraph6
36619906Switchboards, telephone or telegraph2
36619907Telephone cords, jacks, adapters, etc.18
36619908Fiber optics communications equipment159