SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3651—Household Audio and Video Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic audio and video equipment for home entertainment (including automotive), such as television sets, radio broadcast receivers, tape players, phonographs, and video recorders and players. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing public address systems and music distribution apparatus. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing phonograph records and prerecorded audio tapes are classified in Industry 3652; those manufacturing telephone answering machines are classified in Industry 3661; those manufacturing motion picture reproduction equipment are classified in Industry 3861; and those manufacturing phonograph needles and cartridges are classified in Industry 3679. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing separate cabinets for home electronic equipment are classified in Major Group 25.

Amplifiers: radio, public address, or musical instrumentPhonographs, including coin-operated
Audio recorders and players: automotive and householdPickup heads, phonograph
Clock radio and telephone combinationsPillows, stereo
Clock radiosPublic address systems
Coin-operated phonographsRadio and phonograph combinations
Disc players, compactRadio receiving sets
Electronic kits for home assembly: radio and television receiving sets, and phonograph equipmentRecording machines, music and speech: except dictation and telephone
Home tape recorders: cassette, cartridge, and reelSpeaker systems
Juke boxesTape players, household
Loudspeakers, electrodynamic and magneticTape recorders, household
MicrophonesTelevision receiving sets
Music distribution apparatus, except records or tapeTurntables, for phonographs
Musical instrument amplifiersVideo camera-audio recorders, household
Phonograph and radio combinationsVideo cassette recorders/players
Phonograph turntablesVideo triggers (remote control television devices)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3651Household Audio and Video Equipment1,910
365100Household audio and video equipment553
36510000Household audio and video equipment553
365101Household audio equipment1,050
36510100Household audio equipment94
36510101Amplifiers: radio, public address, or musical instrument111
36510102Audio electronic systems466
36510105Coin-operated phonographs, juke boxes1
36510106Compact disk players9
36510107FM and AM radio tuners5
36510108Loudspeakers, electrodynamic or magnetic60
36510110Music distribution apparatus49
36510111Phonograph and radio combinations1
36510112Phonograph turntables1
36510114Pillows, stereo5
36510115Public address systems10
36510116Radio receiving sets6
36510117Recording machines, except dictation and telephone answering11
36510118Sound reproducing equipment37
36510119Speaker monitors14
36510120Speaker systems115
36510121Tape players, household use0
36510122Tape recorders: cassette, cartridge or reel: household use2
365102Household video equipment122
36510200Household video equipment25
36510201Television receiving sets20
36510202Video camera-audio recorders, household use50
36510203Video cassette recorders/players and accessories14
36510204Video triggers (remote control TV devices)13
365199Household audio and video equipment, nec185
36519901Electronic kits for home assembly: radio, TV, phonograph48
36519902Home entertainment equipment, electronic, nec137
36519903Pickup heads, phonograph0