Industry: 3648—Lighting Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing lighting fixtures and equipment, electric and nonelectric, not elsewhere classified, including flashlights and similar portable lamps, searchlights, ultraviolet lamp fixtures, and infrared lamp fixtures. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric light bulbs, tubes, and related light sources are classified in Industry 3641; those producing glassware for lighting fixtures are classified in Major Group 32; and those manufacturing traffic signals are classified in Industry 3669.

Arc lamps, except electrotherapeuticLighting fixtures, residential, except electric
Area and sports luminariesMiners' lamps
Decorative area lighting fixtures, except residentialReflectors for lighting equipment: metal
FloodlightsSpotlights, except vehicular
Fountain lighting fixturesStage lighting equipment
Gas lighting fixturesStreet lighting fixtures, except traffic signals
Lamp fixtures, infraredSwimming pool lighting fixtures
Lanterns: electric, gas, carbide, kerosene, and gasolineUltraviolet lamp fixtures
Lighting fixtures, airport: runway, approach, taxi, and rampUnderwater lighting fixtures
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3648Lighting Equipment, Nec2,184
364800Lighting equipment, nec1,286
36480000Lighting equipment, nec1,286
364801Outdoor lighting equipment334
36480100Outdoor lighting equipment96
36480101Airport lighting fixtures: runway approach, taxi, or ramp25
36480102Area and sports luminaries7
36480103Decorative area lighting fixtures65
36480105Fountain lighting fixtures5
36480106Gas lighting fixtures6
36480107Lanterns: electric, gas, carbide, kerosene, or gasoline11
36480108Public lighting fixtures17
36480110Street lighting fixtures37
364802Stage lighting equipment377
36480200Stage lighting equipment84
36480202Strobe lighting systems10
364899Lighting equipment, nec, nec187
36489901Arc lighting fixtures13
36489903Infrared lamp fixtures1
36489904Lighting fixtures, except electric: residential46
36489905Miners' lamps27
36489906Reflectors, for lighting equipment: metal8
36489907Sun tanning equipment, incl. tanning beds29
36489908Swimming pool lighting fixtures6
36489909Ultraviolet lamp fixtures2
36489910Underwater lighting fixtures14