SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3647—Vehicular Lighting Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vehicular lighting equipment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sealed-beam lamps are classified in Industry 3641.

Aircraft lighting fixturesLamps, marker and clearance: motor vehicle
Automotive lighting fixturesLighting fixtures, vehicular
Bicycle lampsLocomotive and railroad car lights
Boat and ship lighting fixturesMarker lamps, motor vehicle
Clearance lamps and reflectors, motor vehicleMotorcycle lamps
Dome lights, motor vehicleParking lights, automotive
Flasher lights, automobileReflectors, clearance: vehicular
Fog lights, motor vehicleSpotlights, motor vehicle
Headlights (fixtures), vehicularTail lights, motor vehicle
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3647Vehicular Lighting Equipment194
364700Vehicular lighting equipment70
36470000Vehicular lighting equipment70
364701Motor vehicle lighting equipment88
36470100Motor vehicle lighting equipment21
36470101Automotive lighting fixtures, nec41
36470102Clearance lamps and reflectors, motor vehicle1
36470103Dome lights, automotive3
36470104Flasher lights, automotive6
36470105Headlights (fixtures), vehicular12
36470106Marker lamps, motor vehicle1
36470107Parking lights, automotive1
36470109Taillights, motor vehicle2
364799Vehicular lighting equipment, nec36
36479901Aircraft lighting fixtures16
36479902Bicycle lamps2
36479903Boat and ship lighting fixtures6
36479904Fog lights5
36479905Locomotive and railroad car lights4
36479906Motorcycle lamps3
36479907Streetcar lighting fixtures0
36479908Subway car lighting fixtures0