Industry: 3645—Residential Electric Lighting Fixtures
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing residential electric lighting fixtures and equipment, fixed or portable. Establishments primarily engaged in producing glassware for lighting fixtures are classified in Major Group 32; those manufacturing electric light bulbs, tubes, and related light sources are classified in Industry 3641; those manufacturing lamp shades, except glass and metal, are classified in Industry 3999; and those manufacturing nonelectric fixtures and portable electric flashlights, lanterns, and similar lamps are classified in Industry 3648.

Boudoir lampsLamps (lighting fixtures), residential: electric
Chandeliers, residentialLight shades, metal
Desk lamps, residentialLighting fixtures, residential, electric: e.g., garden, patio, walkway, yard
Floor lampsLights, yard: electric
Fluorescent lighting fixtures, residentialTable lamps
Lamp shades, metalWall lamps
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3645Residential Lighting Fixtures579
364500Residential lighting fixtures390
36450000Residential lighting fixtures390
364501Lamp and light shades44
36450100Lamp and light shades34
36450101Lamp shades, metal7
36450102Light shades, metal3
364599Residential lighting fixtures, nec145
36459901Boudoir lamps5
36459902Chandeliers, residential13
36459903Desk lamps2
36459904Floor lamps7
36459905Fluorescent lighting fixtures, residential19
36459906Garden, patio, walkway and yard lighting fixtures: electric70
36459907Table lamps25
36459908Wall lamps4