Industry: 3643—Current-Carrying Wiring Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing current-carrying wiring devices.

Bus bars (electrical conductors)Lamp sockets and receptacles (electric wiring devices)
Caps and plugs, attachment: electricLightning arrestors and coils
Connectors and terminals for electrical devicesLightning protection equipment
Contacts, electrical: except carbon and graphitePlugs, electric
Convenience outlets, electricRail bonds, electric: for propulsion and signal circuits
Cord connectors, electricSnap switches, (electric wiring devices)
Current taps, attachment plug and screw shell typesSockets, electric
Cutouts, switch and fuseSolderless connectors (electric wiring devices)
Dial light sockets, radioStarting switches, fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent startersSwitch cutouts
Fuse cutoutsSwitches for electric wiring: e.g., snap, tumbler, pressure push-button
Ground clamps (electric wiring devices)Trolley line material, overhead
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3643Current-carrying Wiring Devices745
364300Current-carrying wiring devices299
36430000Current-carrying wiring devices299
364301Power outlets and sockets72
36430100Power outlets and sockets1
36430101Current taps, attachment plug and screw shell types2
36430102Dial light sockets, radio0
36430103Lamp sockets and receptacles (electric wiring devices)4
36430104Outlets, electric: convenience57
36430105Sockets, electric8
364302Electric switches47
36430200Electric switches30
36430201Bus bars (electrical conductors)16
36430202Cutouts, switch and fuse1
36430203Starting switches, fluorescent0
364303Electric connectors219
36430300Electric connectors57
36430301Caps and plugs, electric: attachment1
36430302Connectors and terminals for electrical devices106
36430303Contacts, electrical27
36430304Cord connectors, electric11
36430305Plugs, electric11
36430306Solderless connectors (electric wiring devices)6
364399Current-carrying wiring devices, nec108
36439901Fluorescent starters1
36439902Ground clamps (electric wiring devices)3
36439903Lightning arrestors and coils8
36439904Lightning protection equipment54
36439905Rail bonds, electric: for propulsion and signal circuits7
36439907Power line cable35