Industry: 3641—Electric Lamp Bulbs and Tubes
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric bulbs, tubes, and related light sources. Important products of this industry include incandescent filament lamps, vapor and fluorescent lamps, photoflash and photoflood lamps, and electrotherapeutic lamp units for ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing glass blanks for bulbs are classified in Industry 3229.

Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lampLamp bulbs and tubes, electric: incandescent filament, fluorescent, and vapor
Electrotherapeutic lamp units for ultraviolet and infrared radiationLamps, sealed beam
Filaments for electric lampsLead-in wires, electric lamp: made from purchased wire
Flashlight bulbs, photographicLight bulbs, electric: complete
Glow lamp bulbsPhotoflash and photoflood lamp bulb and tubes
Infrared lamp bulbsStrobotrons
Lamp (bulb) parts, electricUltraviolet lamps
Lamp bulb and tubes, health: infrared and ultraviolet radiation
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3641Electric Lamps410
364100Electric lamps201
36410000Electric lamps201
364101Electric lamps and parts for generalized applications146
36410100Electric lamps and parts for generalized applications33
36410101Electric lamp (bulb) parts7
36410102Electric light bulbs, complete56
36410103Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lamp5
36410104Filaments, for electric lamps2
36410105Glow lamp bulbs6
36410106Lamps, fluorescent, electric9
36410107Lamps, incandescent filament, electric11
36410108Lead-in wires, electric lamp made from purchased wire3
36410110Tubes, electric light14
364102Electric lamps and parts for specialized applications63
36410200Electric lamps and parts for specialized applications11
36410201Electrotherapeutic lamp units2
36410202Flashlight bulbs, photographic0
36410203Health lamps, infrared or ultraviolet11
36410204Infrared lamps bulbs2
36410205Lamps, insect: electric2
36410206Lamps, sealed beam3
36410207Lamps, vapor4
36410208Photoflash and photoflood lamps3
36410211Ultraviolet lamps21
36410212Sealed low-pressure gas lights2