SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3634—Electric Housewares and Fans
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric housewares for heating, cooking, and other purposes; and electric household fans, except attic fans. Important products of this industry include household-type ventilation and exhaust fans; portable household cooking appliances, except convection and microwave ovens; electric space heaters; electrically heated bedcoverings, electric scissors; and portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing attic fans and industrial and commercial exhaust and ventilation fans are classified in Industry 3564; and those manufacturing room air-conditioners and humidifying and dehumidifying equipment, except portable, are classified in Industry 3585.

Air purifiers, portableHeating units for electric appliances
Bedcoverings, electricHeating units, baseboard or wall: electric (radiant heating element)
Blankets, electricHotplates, electric
Blenders, electricHumidifiers, electric: portable
Blowers, portableIce crushers, electric
Bottle warmers, household: electricIrons, domestic: electric
Broilers, electricJuice extractors, electric
Can openers, electricKnives, electric
Casseroles, electricMassage machines, electric: except designed for beauty and barber shop
Chafing dishes, electricOvens, household: portable: except microwave and convection ovens
Cigar lighters, electricPercolators, electric
Cigarette lighters, electricPopcorn poppers for home use: electric
Coffee makers, household: electricPropeller fans, window-type (household)
Cooking appliances, household: electric, except convection and microwave ovensRadiators, electric
Crock pots, electricRazors, electric
Curling irons, electricRoasters, electric
Deep fat fryers, household: electricSandwich toasters and grills, household: electric
Dehumidifiers, electric: portableSauna heaters, electric
Desk fans, electricScissors, electric
Driers: hand, face, and hair—electricShoe polishers, electric
Dry shavers (electric razors)Tea kettles, electric
Egg cookers, electricToasters, household: electric
Fans, household: electric, except attic fansToothbrushes, electric
Floor fans, electricTrays, warming: electric
Food mixers, household: electricTrouser pressers, electric
Fryers, household: electricUnit heaters, household: electric
Griddles and grills, household: electricUrns, electric: household
Hair curlers, electricVaporizers, electric: household
Hair driers, electric: except equipment designed for beauty parloruseVentilating fans, electric: household—kitchen
Hassock fans, electricWaffle irons, electric
Heaters, immersion: household—electricWall heaters, household: electric
Heaters, space: electricWater pulsating devices, electric
Heaters, tapeWhippers, household: electric
Heating pads, electric
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3634Electric Housewares and Fans640
363400Electric housewares and fans129
36340000Electric housewares and fans129
363401Electric household cooking appliances117
36340100Electric household cooking appliances41
36340101Broilers, electric5
36340103Chafing dishes, electric0
36340104Coffee makers, electric: household23
36340105Crock pots, electric0
36340106Egg cookers, electric0
36340107Fryers, electric: household0
36340108Griddles or grills, electric: household8
36340109Heaters, tape1
36340110Heating units, for electric appliances19
36340111Hot plates, electric0
36340112Ovens, portable: household6
36340114Popcorn poppers, electric: household1
36340115Roasters, electric4
36340116Sandwich toasters and grills, electric: household3
36340117Teakettles, electric2
36340118Toasters, electric: household3
36340119Urns, electric: household0
36340120Waffle irons, electric1
363402Electric household cooking utensils23
36340200Electric household cooking utensils2
36340201Bottle warmers, electric: household1
36340202Can openers, electric0
36340203Food mixers, electric: household5
36340204Ice crushers, electric3
36340205Immersion heaters, electric: household3
36340206Juice extractors, electric8
363403Electric household fans, heaters, and humidifiers102
36340300Electric household fans, heaters, and humidifiers8
36340301Blowers, portable, electric1
36340302Ceiling fans25
36340303Dehumidifiers, electric: room4
36340304Fans, electric: desk2
36340305Fans, electric: floor2
36340306Fans, electric: hassock0
36340307Fans, exhaust and ventilating, electric: household21
36340308Fans, propeller (window type): household0
36340309Heaters, tape0
36340310Heating units, electric (radiant heat): baseboard or wall15
36340311Humidifiers, electric: household5
36340312Radiators, electric6
36340313Sauna heaters, electric6
36340314Space heaters, electric6
36340315Wall heaters, electric: household1
363404Housewares, excluding cooking appliances and utensils115
36340400Housewares, excluding cooking appliances and utensils27
36340401Air purifiers, portable41
36340402Bedcoverings, electric1
36340403Blankets, electric1
36340404Blenders, electric4
36340405Irons, electric: household5
36340406Vaporizers, electric: household29
36340407Water pulsating devices, electric7
363405Personal electrical appliances154
36340500Personal electrical appliances31
36340502Cigarette lighters, electric14
36340503Curling irons, electric1
36340504Dryers, electric: hand and face7
36340505Hair curlers, electric5
36340506Hair dryers, electric7
36340507Heating pads, electric7
36340508Massage machines, electric, except for beauty/barber shops61
36340509Razors, electric5
36340510Scissors, electric2
36340511Shoe polishers, electric1
36340512Toothbrushes, electric6