Industry: 3631—Household Cooking Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing household electric and nonelectric cooking equipment, such as stoves, ranges, and ovens, except portable electric appliances. This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing microwave and convection ovens, including portable. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing other electric household cooking appliances, such as portable ovens, hot plates, grills, percolators, and toasters, are classified in Industry 3634. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing commercial cooking equipment are classified in Industry 3589.

Barbecues, grills, and braziers for outdoor cookingOvens, household: excluding portable appliances other thanmicrowave
Convection ovens, household: including portableRanges, household cooking: electric and gas
Microwave ovens, household: including portableStoves, disk
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3631Household Cooking Equipment251
363100Household cooking equipment69
36310000Household cooking equipment69
363101Indoor cooking equipment18
36310100Indoor cooking equipment2
36310101Convection ovens, including portable: household5
36310102Electric ranges, domestic1
36310103Gas ranges, domestic4
36310104Microwave ovens, including portable: household4
36310105Stoves, disk2
363199Household cooking equipment, nec164
36319901Barbecues, grills, and braziers (outdoor cooking)164