SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3629—Electrical Industrial Apparatus, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial and commercial electric apparatus and equipment, not elsewhere classified, such as fixed and variable capacitors and rectifiers for industrial applications. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electronic capacitors and rectifiers are classified in Industry Group 367.

Battery chargers, rectifying or nonrotatingInverters, nonrotating: electrical
Capacitors, a.c.: for motors and fluorescent lamp ballastsMercury arc rectifiers (electrical apparatus)
Capacitors, except electronic: fixed and variablePower conversion units, a.c. to d.c.: static—electric
Condensers for motors and generatorsRectifiers (electrical apparatus)
Condensers, except electronic: fixed and variableSeries capacitors, except electronic
Current collector wheels for trolley riggingThermoelectric generators
Electrochemical generators (fuel cells)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3629Electrical Industrial Apparatus617
362900Electrical industrial apparatus, nec76
36290000Electrical industrial apparatus, nec76
362901Electronic generation equipment455
36290100Electronic generation equipment255
36290101Battery chargers, rectifying or nonrotating74
36290102Electrochemical generators (fuel cells)29
36290103Inverters, nonrotating: electrical21
36290104Mercury arc rectifiers (electrical apparatus)1
36290105Power conversion units, a.c. to d.c.: static-electric58
36290106Rectifiers (electrical apparatus)8
36290107Thermo-electric generators9
362902Capacitors and condensers31
36290200Capacitors and condensers11
36290201Capacitors, a.c., for motors or fluorescent lamp ballasts3
36290202Capacitors, fixed or variable8
36290203Condensers, fixed or variable4
36290204Condensers, for motors or generators3
36290205Series capacitors2
362999Electrical industrial apparatus, nec, nec55
36299901Blasting machines, electrical21
36299902Current collector wheels, for trolley rigging3
36299903Static elimination equipment, industrial31