SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3625—Relays and Industrial Controls
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing relays; motor starters and controllers; and other industrial controls and control accessories. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing automatic temperature controls are classified in Industry 3822, and those manufacturing industrial process control instruments are classified in Industry 3823.

Armature relaysMotor control centers
Control circuit devices: magnet and solid-stateMotor controls, electric
Control circuit relays, industrialMotor starters, contactors, and controllers, industrial
Controls and control accessories, industrialNumerical controls
Controls for adjustable speed drivesRelays
Crane and hoist controls, including metal millRheostats, industrial control
Electromagnetic brakes and clutchesSolenoid switches, industrial
Industrial controls: push button, selector switches, and pilotTiming devices, mechanical and solid-state, except clockwork
Marine and navy auxiliary controlsTruck controls, industrial battery
Motor control accessories, including overload relaysVacuum relays
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3625Relays and Industrial Controls1,799
362500Relays and industrial controls472
36250000Relays and industrial controls472
362501Motor controls and accessories251
36250100Motor controls and accessories148
36250101Motor control accessories, including overload relays19
36250102Motor control centers7
36250103Motor controls, electric51
36250104Motor starters and controllers, electric19
36250105Starter, electric motor7
362502Industrial electrical relays and switches187
36250200Industrial electrical relays and switches47
36250201Armature relays0
36250202Control circuit relays, industrial18
36250203Flow actuated electrical switches11
36250204Relays, electric power11
36250205Relays, for electronic use19
36250206Solenoid switches (industrial controls)5
36250207Switches, electric power26
36250208Switches, electronic applications49
36250209Vacuum relays1
362599Relays and industrial controls, nec889
36259901Actuators, industrial59
36259902Brakes, electromagnetic7
36259903Control circuit devices, magnet and solid state18
36259904Control equipment, electric291
36259905Controls for adjustable speed drives13
36259906Crane and hoist controls, including metal mill28
36259907Electric controls and control accessories, industrial207
36259908Electromagnetic clutches or brakes10
36259909Industrial controls: push button, selector switches, pilot88
36259910Marine and navy auxiliary controls30
36259911Noise control equipment47
36259912Numerical controls15
36259913Positioning controls, electric7
36259914Resistance welder controls3
36259915Resistors and resistor units11
36259917Timing devices, electronic41
36259918Truck controls, industrial battery13