SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3624—Carbon and Graphite Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing carbon, graphite, and metal-graphite brushes and brush stock; carbon or graphite electrodes for thermal and electrolytic uses; carbon and graphite fibers; and other carbon, graphite, and metal-graphite products.

Brush blocks, carbon or molded graphiteElectrodes for thermal and electrolytic uses, carbon and graphite
Brushes and brush stock contacts: carbon and graphite—electricFibers, carbon and graphite
Carbon specialties for electrical useLighting carbons
Carbons, electric
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3624Carbon and Graphite Products278
362400Carbon and graphite products158
36240000Carbon and graphite products158
362499Carbon and graphite products, nec120
36249901Brush blocks, carbon or molded graphite10
36249902Brushes and brush stock contacts, electric10
36249903Carbon specialties for electrical use16
36249904Electric carbons3
36249905Electrodes, thermal and electrolytic uses: carbon, graphite28
36249906Fibers, carbon and graphite48