SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3621—Motors and Generators
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric motors (except engine starting motors) and power generators; motor generator sets; railway motors and control equipment; and motors, generators, and control equipment for gasoline, electric, and oil—electric buses and trucks. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing turbo-generators are classified in Industry 3511; those manufacturing starting motors and battery charging generators for internal combustion engines are classified in Industry 3694; and those manufacturing generators for welding equipment are classified in Industry 3548.

Armatures, industrialMotor housings
Coils for motors and generatorsMotors, electric: except engine starting motors and gear motors
Collector rings for motors and generatorsPower generators
Commutators, electric motorRailway motors and control equipment, electric
Control equipment for buses and trucksResolvers
Converters, phase and rotary: electrical equipmentRotary converters (electrical equipment)
Dynamos, electric: except automotiveRotor retainers and housings
DynamotorsRotors for motors
Exciter assemblies, motor and generatorServomotors
Frequency converters (electric generators)Sliprings for motors and generators
Generating apparatus and parts, electrical: except internal combustionStarting equipment, for streetcars
Generator sets: gasoline, diesel, and dual fuelStators for motors
Generators and sets, electric: except internal combustion engine, welding, and turbogeneratorsStorage battery chargers, engine generator type
Generators for gas—electric and oil—electric vehiclesSynchronous condensers and timing motors, electric
Generators for storage battery chargers, except internal combustion engine and aircraftSynchros
Inverters, rotating: electricalTorque motors, electric
Motor generator sets, except automotive and turbo generators
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3621Motors and Generators1,610
362100Motors and generators468
36210000Motors and generators468
362101Electric motor and generator parts674
36210100Electric motor and generator parts97
36210101Armatures, industrial5
36210102Coils, for electric motors or generators39
36210103Collector rings, for electric motors or generators4
36210104Commutators, electric motor6
36210105Frequency converters (electric generators)25
36210106Motor generator sets11
36210107Motor housings7
36210108Motors, electric192
36210109Phase or rotary converters (electrical equipment)12
36210110Power generators178
36210111Rotary converters (electrical equipment)4
36210113Rotors, for motors14
36210114Sliprings, for motors or generators1
36210115Starters, for motors21
36210116Storage battery chargers, motor and engine generator type58
362102Electric motor and generator auxillary parts67
36210200Electric motor and generator auxillary parts17
36210201Condensers, synchronous: electric0
36210202Dynamos, electric (except automotive)1
36210204Exciter assemblies (motor or generator parts)2
36210205Inverters, rotating: electrical12
36210207Synchronous condensers, electric1
362103Control equipment for electric buses and locomotives28
36210300Control equipment for electric buses and locomotives5
36210301Control equipment for buses or trucks, electric8
36210302Railway motors and control equipment, electric8
36210303Starting equipment, street cars7
362199Motors and generators, nec373
36219901Generating apparatus and parts, electrical44
36219902Generator sets: gasoline, diesel, or dual-fuel35
36219903Generators and sets, electric74
36219904Generators for gas-electric or oil-electric vehicles38
36219905Generators for storage battery chargers25
36219906Servomotors, electric11
36219907Timing motors, synchronous, electric2
36219908Torque motors, electric10
36219909Windmills, electric generating134