SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3613—Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing switchgear and switchboard apparatus. Important products of this industry include power switches, circuit breakers, power switching equipment, and similar switchgear for general industrial application; switchboards and cubicles, control and metering panels, fuses and fuse mountings, and similar switchboard apparatus and supplies. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing relays are classified in Industry 3625. Establishments manufacturing switches other than switchgear type are classified in Industry 3625 if the switches are of the type used as industrial controls, in Industry 3679 if the switches are of the type used in electronic devices, and in Industry 3643 if the switches are of other types used in wiring circuits.

Air circuit breakersKnife switches, electric
Bus bar structuresMetering panels, electric
Circuit breakers, powerPanelboards and distribution boards, electric
Control panels, electric power distributionPanels, electric control and metering
Cubicles (electric switchboard equipment)Power connectors
Distribution boards, electricPower switching equipment
Distribution cutoutsRegulators, power
Fuse clips and blocks, electricSwitchboards and parts, power
Fuse devices, power: 600 volts and overSwitches, electric power: except snap, push button, tumbler, and solenoid
Fuse mountings, electric powerSwitchgear and switchgear accessories
Fuses, electricTime switches, electrical switchgear apparatus
Generator control and metering panels
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3613Switchgear and Switchboard Apparatus881
361300Switchgear and switchboard apparatus174
36130000Switchgear and switchboard apparatus174
361301Power circuit breakers98
36130100Power circuit breakers31
36130101Circuit breakers, air6
36130102Knife switches, electric4
36130103Switches, electric power except snap, push button, etc.38
36130104Time switches, electrical switchgear apparatus19
361302Panel and distribution boards and other related apparatus576
36130200Panel and distribution boards and other related apparatus49
36130201Control panels, electric314
36130202Cubicles (electric switchboard equipment)6
36130203Distribution boards, electric16
36130204Distribution cutouts18
36130205Generator control and metering panels13
36130206Metering panels, electric18
36130207Panelboards and distribution boards, electric42
36130208Power connectors, electric13
36130209Power switching equipment17
36130210Regulators, power23
36130211Switchboard apparatus, except instruments5
36130212Switchboards and parts, power14
36130213Switchgear and switchgear accessories, nec28
361303Fuses and fuse equipment26
36130300Fuses and fuse equipment10
36130301Fuse clips and blocks, electric0
36130302Fuse devices, power0
36130303Fuse mountings, electric power3
36130304Fuses, electric13
361399Switchgear and switchboard apparatus, nec7
36139901Bus bar structures7