Industry: 3398—Metal Heat Treating
Establishments primarily engaged in heat treating of metal for the trade.

Annealing of metal for the tradeHeat treating of metal for the trade
Brazing (hardening) metal for the tradeShot peening—treating steel to reduce fatigue
Burning metal for the tradeStainless steel, brazing (hardening) for the trade
Hardening of metal for the tradeTempering of metal for the trade
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3398Metal Heat Treating719
339800Metal heat treating622
33980000Metal heat treating622
339899Metal heat treating, nec97
33989901Annealing of metal18
33989902Brazing (hardening) of metal40
33989903Metal burning7
33989904Shot peening (treating steel to reduce fatigue)21
33989905Tempering of metal11