Industry: 3366—Copper Foundries
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing copper (including alloys) castings, except die-castings.

Bushings and bearings, except die-castings: brass, bronze, and copperFoundries: brass, bronze, copper, and copper-base alloy—except die-castings
Castings, except die-castings: brass, bronze, copper, and copper-base alloyMachinery castings: brass, copper, and copper-base alloy—except die-castings
Copper and copper-base alloy castings, except die-castingsPropellers, ship and screw: cast brass, bronze, copper, and copper-base—except die-castings
Copper foundries, except die-castings
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3366Copper Foundries378
336600Copper foundries40
33660000Copper foundries40
336601Bushings and bearings33
33660100Bushings and bearings26
33660101Bushings and bearings, brass (nonmachined)2
33660102Bushings and bearings, bronze (nonmachined)4
33660103Bushings and bearings, copper (nonmachined)1
33660201Propellers, ship, nsk5
33660202Propellers, ship: cast brass1
33660203Propellers, ship: cast bronze1
336699Copper foundries, nec216
33669901Brass foundry, nec41
33669902Bronze foundry, nec54
33669903Castings (except die), nec, brass25
33669904Castings (except die), nec, bronze52
33669905Castings (except die), nec, copper and copper-base alloy7
33669906Castings (except die), nsk21
33669907Machinery castings, brass10
33669908Machinery castings, copper or copper-base alloy6