SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3365—Aluminum Foundries
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aluminum (including alloys) castings, except die-castings.

Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy castings, except die-castingsHousehold utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castings
Castings, aluminum: except die-castingsKitchen utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castings
Cooking utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castingsMachinery castings, aluminum: except die-castings
Foundries, aluminum: except die-castingsPressure cookers, domestic: cast aluminum, except die-castings
Hospital utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castings
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3365Aluminum Foundries466
336500Aluminum foundries131
33650000Aluminum foundries131
336501Utensils, cast aluminum24
33650100Utensils, cast aluminum5
33650101Cooking/kitchen utensils, cast aluminum13
33650102Hospital utensils, cast aluminum1
33650103Household utensils, cast aluminum5
336502Aluminum and aluminum-based alloy castings302
33650200Aluminum and aluminum-based alloy castings188
33650201Aerospace castings, aluminum86
33650202Machinery castings, aluminum28
336599Aluminum foundries, nec9
33659901Masts, cast aluminum9