SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3355—Aluminum Rolling and Drawing, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in rolling, drawing, and other operations resulting in the production of aluminum ingot, including extrusion ingot, and aluminum and aluminum-base alloy basic shapes, not elsewhere classified, such as rolled and continuous cast rod and bar. Establishments primarily engaged in producing aluminum powder, flake, and paste are classified in Industry 3399, and those producing aluminum wire and cable from purchased wire bars, rods, or wire are classified in Industry 3357.

Bars, aluminum rolledRails, aluminum rolled and drawn
Cable, aluminum made in rolling millsRods, aluminum rolled
Coils, wire aluminum made in rolling millsSlugs, aluminum
Extrusion ingot, aluminum made in rolling millsStructural shapes, rolled aluminum
Ingot, aluminum made in rolling millsWire, aluminum made in rolling mills
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3355Aluminum Rolling and Drawing, Nec232
335500Aluminum rolling and drawing, nec108
33550000Aluminum rolling and drawing, nec108
335501Aluminum wire and cable40
33550100Aluminum wire and cable29
33550101Cable, aluminum: made in rolling mills4
33550102Coils, wire aluminum: made in rolling mills4
33550103Wire, aluminum: made in rolling mills3
335502Aluminum rod and bar15
33550200Aluminum rod and bar10
33550201Bars, rolled, aluminum2
33550202Rods, rolled, aluminum3
335503Aluminum ingot23
33550300Aluminum ingot6
33550301Extrusion ingot, aluminum: made in rolling mills17
335504Aluminum rail and structural shapes45
33550400Aluminum rail and structural shapes19
33550401Rails, rolled and drawn, aluminum8
33550402Structural shapes, rolled, aluminum18
335599Aluminum rolling and drawing, nec, nec1
33559901Slugs, aluminum1