SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3354—Aluminum Extruded Products
Establishments primarily engaged in extruding aluminum and aluminum base alloy basic shapes, such as rod and bar, pipe and tube, and tube blooms including establishments producing tube by drawing.

Bars, aluminum extrudedRods, aluminum extruded
Coils, rod aluminum—extrudedTube blooms, aluminum extruded
Extruded shapes, aluminumTube, aluminum extruded or drawn
Pipe, aluminum extruded
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3354Aluminum Extruded Products380
335400Aluminum extruded products302
33540000Aluminum extruded products302
335401Aluminum rod and bar21
33540100Aluminum rod and bar4
33540101Bars, extruded, aluminum11
33540102Coils, rod, extruded, aluminum4
33540103Rods, extruded, aluminum2
335402Aluminum pipe and tube23
33540200Aluminum pipe and tube9
33540201Pipe, extruded, aluminum7
33540203Tube, extruded or drawn, aluminum7
335499Aluminum extruded products, nec34
33549901Shapes, extruded aluminum, nec34