SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3341—Secondary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals
Establishments primarily engaged in recovering nonferrous metals and alloys from new and used scrap and dross or in producing alloys from purchased refined metals. This industry includes establishments engaged in both the recovery and alloying of precious metals. Plants engaged in the recovery of tin through secondary smelting and refining, as well as by chemical processes, are included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in assembling, sorting, and breaking up scrap metal, without smelting and refining, are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5093.

Aluminum extrusion ingot, secondaryMagnesium smelting and refining, secondary
Aluminum smelting and refining, secondaryNickel smelting and refining, secondary
Antimonial lead refining, secondaryNonferrous metal smelting and refining, secondary
Babbitt metal smelting and refining, secondaryPlatinum-group metals smelting and refining, secondary
Brass smelting and refining, secondaryPrecious metal smelting and refining, secondary
Bronze smelting and refining, secondaryRecovering and refining of nonferrous metals
Copper smelting and refining, secondaryRecovery of silver from used photographic film
Detinning of cansSecondary refining and smelting of nonferrous metals
Detinning of scrapSelenium refining, secondary
Germanium refining, secondarySilver smelting and refining, secondary
Gold smelting and refining, secondarySolder (base metal), pig and ingot secondary
Ingots, nonferrous: smelting and refining-secondaryTin smelting and refining, secondary
Iridium smelting and refining, secondaryZinc dust, reclaimed
Lead smelting and refining, secondaryZinc smelting and refining, secondary
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3341Secondary Nonferrous Metals331
334100Secondary nonferrous metals137
33410000Secondary nonferrous metals137
334101Secondary lead and zinc14
33410100Secondary lead and zinc0
33410101Lead smelting and refining (secondary)12
33410102Zinc smelting and refining (secondary)2
334102Secondary precious metals66
33410200Secondary precious metals27
33410201Gold smelting and refining (secondary)9
33410202Platinum group metals, smelting and refining (secondary)11
33410203Silver recovery from used photographic film14
33410204Silver smelting and refining (secondary)5
334199Secondary nonferrous metals, nec114
33419901Aluminum smelting and refining (secondary)58
33419902Babbitt metal smelting and refining (secondary)2
33419903Brass smelting and refining (secondary)9
33419904Bronze smelting and refining (secondary)1
33419905Copper smelting and refining (secondary)11
33419906Detinning of cans and scrap3
33419909Magnesium smelting and refining (secondary)0
33419910Nickel smelting and refining (secondary)2
33419911Recovery and refining of nonferrous metals28
33419913Tin smelting and refining (secondary)0