SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3339—Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper and Aluminum
Establishments primarily engaged in smelting and refining nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum. Establishments primarily engaged in rolling, drawing, and extruding these nonferrous primary metals are classified in Industry 3356, and the production of bullion at the site of the mine is classified in Division B, Mining.

Antifriction bearing metals, lead-base: primaryPlatinum-group metals refining, primary
Antimony refining, primaryPrecious metal refining, primary
Babbitt metal, primaryPrimary refining of nonferrous metal: except copper and aluminum
Beryllium metalPrimary smelting of nonferrous metal: except copper and aluminum
Bismuth refining, primaryRefining of nonferrous metal, primary: except copper and aluminum
Blocks, zinc, primaryRhenium refining, primary
Cadmium refining, primarySelenium refining, primary
Chromium refining, primarySilicon refining, primary (over 99 percent pure)
Cobalt refining, primarySilicon, epitaxial (silicon alloy)
Columbium refining, primarySilicon, pure
Germanium refining, primarySilver refining, primary
Gold refining, primarySlabs, primary: nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum
Ingots, primary: nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminumSmelting of nonferrous metal, primary: except copper and aluminum
Iridium refining, primarySpelter (zinc), primary
Lead pigs, blocks, ingots, and refinery shapes: primaryTantalum refining
Lead smelting and refining, primaryTellurium refining, primary
Magnesium refining, primaryTin base alloys, primary
Nickel refining, primaryTin refining, primary
Nonferrous refining, primary: except copper and aluminumTitanium metal sponge and granules
Nonferrous smelting, primary: except copper and aluminumZinc dust, primary
Pigs, primary: nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminumZirconium metal sponge and granules
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3339Primary Nonferrous Metals, Nec437
333900Primary nonferrous metals, nec106
33390000Primary nonferrous metals, nec106
333901Lead and zinc19
33390100Lead and zinc5
33390101Antifriction bearing metals, lead-base5
33390102Lead smelting and refining (primary)3
33390103Zinc refining (primary), including slabs & dust5
33390104Zinc smelting (primary), including zinc residue1
333902Precious metals261
33390200Precious metals224
33390201Gold refining (primary)23
33390202Platinum group metal refining (primary)10
33390203Silver refining (primary)4
333903Silicon and chromium21
33390300Silicon and chromium5
33390301Chromium refining (primary)1
33390302Silicon refining (primary, over 99% pure)5
33390303Silicon, epitaxial (silicon alloy)1
33390304Silicon, pure9
333999Primary nonferrous metals, nec, nec30
33399901Antimony refining (primary)7
33399902Babbitt metal (primary)2
33399903Beryllium metal4
33399904Bismuth refining (primary)0
33399905Cadmium refining (primary)2
33399906Cobalt refining (primary)2
33399907Columbian refining (primary)0
33399908Germanium refining (primary)0
33399910Magnesium refining (primary)1
33399911Nickel refining (primary)1
33399912Rhenium refining (primary)0
33399914Tantalum refining0
33399915Tellurium refining (primary)0
33399916Tin refining (primary)1
33399917Tin-base alloys (primary)2
33399918Titanium metal, sponge and granules5
33399919Zirconium metal, sponge and granules3