Industry: 3331—Primary Smelting and Refining of Copper
Establishments primarily engaged in smelting copper from the ore, and in refining copper by electrolytic or other processes. Establishments primarily engaged in rolling, drawing, or extruding copper are classified in Industry 3351.

Bars, refinery: primary copperCopper smelting and refining, primary
Blister copperPigs, copper
Blocks, copperPrimary smelting and refining of copper
Copper ingots and refinery bars, primarySlabs, copper: primary
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3331Primary Copper33
333100Primary copper19
33310000Primary copper19
333101Primary copper smelter products4
33310100Primary copper smelter products3
33310101Blister copper1
33310102Pigs, copper0
333102Refined primary copper products10
33310200Refined primary copper products3
33310201Bars (primary), copper1
33310202Billets (primary), copper0
33310203Blocks, copper1
33310204Cakes (primary), copper3
33310205Cathodes (primary), copper2
33310206Ingots and ingot bars (primary), copper0