SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3321—Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing gray and ductile iron castings, including cast iron pressure and soil pipes and fittings.

Brake shoes, railroad: cast ironGray iron foundries
Car wheels, railroad: chilled cast ironIngot molds and stools
Castings, compacted graphite ironManhole covers, metal
Castings, gray iron and semisteelNipples, pipe: pressure and soil pipe-cast iron
Cooking utensils, cast ironNodular iron castings
Couplings, pipe: pressure and soil pipecast ironPipe and fittings, soil and pressure: cast iron
Ductile iron castingsRailroad car wheels, chilled cast iron
Elbows, pipe: pressure and soil pipecast ironRolling mill rolls, iron: not machined
Fittings, soil and pressure pipe: cast ironSash balances, cast iron
Foundries, gray iron and semisteelSewer pipe, cast iron
Gas pipe, cast ironWater pipe, cast iron
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3321Gray and Ductile Iron Foundries447
332100Gray and ductile iron foundries97
33210000Gray and ductile iron foundries97
332101Cast iron pipe and fittings68
33210100Cast iron pipe and fittings32
33210101Pressure pipe and fittings, cast iron14
33210102Sewer pipe, cast iron10
33210103Soil pipe and fittings: cast iron3
33210104Water pipe, cast iron9
332199Gray and ductile iron foundries, nec282
33219901Cooking utensils, cast iron6
33219902Ductile iron castings39
33219903Gray iron castings, nec188
33219904Gray iron ingot molds, cast8
33219905Manhole covers, metal29
33219906Railroad car wheels and brake shoes, cast iron8
33219907Rolling mill rolls, cast iron4