SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3315—Steel Wiredrawing and Steel Nails and Spikes
Establishments primarily engaged in drawing wire from purchased iron or steel rods, bars, or wire and which may be engaged in the further manufacture of products made from wire; establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing steel nails and spikes from purchased materials are also included in this industry. Rolling mills engaged in the production of ferrous wire from wire rods or hot-rolled bars produced in the same establishment are classified in Industry 3312. Establishments primarily engaged in drawing nonferrous wire are classified in Industry Group 335.

Barbed and twisted wire: made in wiredrawing plantsStaples, steel: wire or cut
Baskets, steel: made in wiredrawing plantsSteel wire cages, made in wiredrawing plants
Brads, steel: wire or cutTacks, steel: wire or cut
Cable, steel: insulated or armoredTie wires, made in wiredrawing plants
Chain link fencing, steel: made in wiredrawing plantsWelded steel wire fabric, made in wiredrawing plants
Fence gates, posts, and fittings: steel-made in wiredrawing plantsWire carts: household, grocery, and industrial-made in wire-drawing
Form ties, made in wiredrawing plantsWire cloth, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
Horseshoe nailsWire garment hangers, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
Nails, steel: wire or cutWire products, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants
Paper clips, steel: made in wiredrawing plantsWire, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants
Spikes, steel: wire or cutWire, steel: insulated or armored
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3315Steel Wire and Related Products689
331500Steel wire and related products212
33150000Steel wire and related products212
331501Fencing made in wiredrawing plants142
33150100Fencing made in wiredrawing plants7
33150101Chain link fencing51
33150102Fence gates, posts, and fittings: steel84
331502Nails, spikes, brads, and similar items42
33150200Nails, spikes, brads, and similar items7
33150201Brads, steel: wire or cut0
33150202Nails, steel: wire or cut17
33150203Paper clips, steel1
33150204Spikes, steel: wire or cut2
33150205Staples, steel: wire or cut10
33150206Tacks, steel: wire or cut5
331503Wire and fabricated wire products293
33150300Wire and fabricated wire products127
33150301Barbed and twisted wire2
33150302Baskets, steel wire8
33150303Cable, steel: insulated or armored36
33150304Hangers (garment), wire10
33150305Welded steel wire fabric33
33150306Wire carts: grocery, household, and industrial13
33150307Wire products, ferrous/iron: made in wiredrawing plants16
33150308Wire, ferrous/iron16
33150309Wire, steel: insulated or armored32