Industry: 3299—Nonmetallic Mineral Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in the factory production of goods made of plaster of paris and papier-mache, and in manufacturing sand lime products and other nonmetallic mineral products, not elsewhere classified.

Architectural sculptures, plaster of paris: factory production onlyMica splitting
Art goods: plaster of paris, papier-mache, and scagliolaMica, laminated
Blocks, sand limeMoldings, architectural: plaster of paris-factory production only
Brackets, architectural: plaster-factory production onlyOrnaments and architectural plaster work: e.g., mantels and columns
Built-up micaPanels, papier-mache or plaster of paris
Ceramic fiberPedestals, statuary: plaster of paris or papier-mache-factory
Columns, papier-mache or plaster of parisPlaques: clay, plaster, or papier mache-factory production only
Ecclesiastical statuary: gypsum, clay, or papier-mache-factorySculptures, architectural: gypsum, clay, or papier-mache-factory
Floor composition, magnesiteStatuary: gypsum, clay, papier-mache, scagliola, and metal-factory
Flower boxes, plaster of paris: factory production onlyStucco
Fountains, plaster of paris: factory production onlySynthetic stones, for gem stones and industrial use
Gravel paintingTile, sand lime
Images, small: gypsum, clay, or papier-mache-factory production onlyTubing for electrical purposes, quartz
Insul-sleeves (foundry materials)Urns, gypsum or papier-mache: factory production only
Mica products, built-up and sheet except radio partsVases, gypsum or papier-mache: factory production only
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3299Nonmetallic Mineral Products,1,184
329900Nonmetallic mineral products,36
32990000Nonmetallic mineral products,36
329901Mica products14
32990100Mica products9
32990101Built-up mica0
32990102Mica products, built-up or sheet3
32990103Mica, laminated2
32990104Mica, splitting0
329902Sand lime products19
32990200Sand lime products8
32990201Blocks and brick, sand lime4
32990202Tile, sand lime7
329903Ornamental and architectural plaster work881
32990300Ornamental and architectural plaster work21
32990301Architectural sculptures: gypsum, clay, papier mache, etc.295
32990302Brackets, architectural: plaster5
32990303Columns, papier mache or plaster of paris1
32990304Moldings, architectural: plaster of paris24
32990305Panels, papier mache or plaster of paris0
329904Nonmetallic mineral statuary and other decorative products141
32990400Nonmetallic mineral statuary and other decorative products28
32990401Art goods: plaster of paris, papier mache, and scagliola26
32990402Ecclesiastical statuary: gypsum, clay, or papier mache0
32990403Flower boxes, plaster of paris1
32990404Fountains, plaster of paris4
32990405Images, small: gypsum, clay, or papier mache38
32990406Pedestals, statuary: papier mache or plaster of paris0
32990407Plaques: clay, plaster, or papier mache17
32990408Statuary: gypsum, clay, papier mache, metal, etc.20
32990409Vases and urns, gypsum and papier mache7
329999Nonmetallic mineral products, nec, nec93
32999901Ceramic fiber64
32999902Floor composition, magnesite2
32999903Gravel painting4
32999904Insulsleeves (foundry materials)3
32999905Synthetic stones, for gem stones and industrial use16
32999906Tubing for electrical purposes, quartz4