Industry: 3297—Nonclay Refractories
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing refractories and crucibles made of materials other than clay. This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing all graphite refractories, whether of carbon bond or ceramic bond. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing clay refractories are classified in Industry 3255.

Alumina fused refractoriesHigh temperature mortar, nonclay
Brick, bauxiteHot top refractories, nonclay
Brick, carbonNonclay refractories
Brick, refractory: chrome, magnesite, silica, and other nonclayPlastics refractories, nonclay
Brick, silicon carbidePyrolytic graphite
Castable refractories, nonclayRamming mixes, nonclay
Cement, magnesiaRefractories, castable: nonclay
Cement: high temperature, refractory (nonclay)Refractories, graphite: carbon bond or ceramic bond
Crucibles: graphite, magnesite, chrome, silica, or other non-clayRefractory cement, nonclay
Cunning mixes, nonclayRetorts, graphite
Dolomite and dolomite-magnesite brick
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3297Nonclay Refractories188
329700Nonclay refractories97
32970000Nonclay refractories97
329701Brick refractories13
32970100Brick refractories12
32970101Brick, bauxite0
32970102Brick, carbon1
329702Cement refractories24
32970200Cement refractories8
32970201Cement refractories, nonclay4
32970202Cement, magnesia1
32970203Cement: high temperature, refractory (nonclay)11
329703Heat resistant mixtures10
32970300Heat resistant mixtures4
32970301Dolomite or dolomite-magnesite brick and shapes3
32970302Gunning mixes, nonclay0
32970303High temperature mortar, nonclay2
32970304Pyrolytic graphite1
32970305Ramming mixes, nonclay0
329799Nonclay refractories, nec44
32979901Alumina fused refractories5
32979902Castable refractories, nonclay10
32979903Crucibles: graphite, magnesite, chrome, silica,other nonclay4
32979904Graphite refractories: carbon bond or ceramic bond24
32979905Hot top refractories, nonclay1