Industry: 3296—Mineral Wool
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mineral wool and mineral wool insulation products made of such siliceous materials as rock, slag, and glass, or combinations thereof. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing asbestos insulation products are classified in Industry 3292, and those manufacturing textile glass fibers are classified in Industry 3229.

Acoustical board and tile, mineral woolInsulation: rock wool, fiberglass, slag, and silica minerals
Fiberglass insulationMineral wool roofing mats
Glass wool
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3296Mineral Wool256
329600Mineral wool55
32960000Mineral wool55
329601Mineral wool insulation products176
32960100Mineral wool insulation products16
32960101Fiberglass insulation135
32960102Insulation: rock wool, slag, and silica minerals25
329699Mineral wool, nec25
32969901Acoustical board and tile, mineral wool22
32969902Glass wool1
32969903Roofing mats, mineral wool2