SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3295—Minerals and Earths, Ground or Otherwise Treated
Establishments operating without a mine or quarry and primarily engaged in crushing, grinding, pulverizing, or otherwise preparing clay, ceramic, and refractory minerals; barite; and miscellaneous nonmetallic minerals, except fuels. These minerals are the crude products mined by establishments of Industry Groups 145 and 149, and by those of Industry 1479 mining barite. Also included are establishments primarily crushing slag and preparing roofing granules. The beneficiation or preparation of other minerals and metallic ores, and the cleaning and grading of coal, are classified in Division B, Mining, whether or not the operation is associated with a mine.

Barite, ground or otherwise treatedMica, ground or otherwise treated
Barium, ground or otherwise treatedPerlite aggregate
Blast furnace slagPerlite, expanded
Clay for petroleum refining, chemically processedPlumbago: ground, refined, or blended
Clay, ground or otherwise treatedPulverized earth
Desiccants, activated: clayPumice, ground or otherwise treated
Diatomaceous earth, ground or otherwise treatedPyrophyllite, ground or otherwise treated
Feldspar, ground or otherwise treatedRoofing granules
Filtering clays, treated purchased materialsShale, expanded
Flint, ground or otherwise treatedSilicon, ultra high purity: treated purchased materials
Foundry facings, ground or otherwise treatedSlag, crushed or ground
Fuller's earth, ground or otherwise treatedSpar, ground or otherwise treated
Graphite, natural: ground, pulverized, refined, or blendedSteatite, ground or otherwise treated
Kaolin, ground or otherwise treatedTalc, ground or otherwise treated
Lead, black (natural graphite): ground, refined, or blendedVermiculite, ex-foliated
Magnesite, crude: ground, calcined, or dead-burned
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3295Minerals, Ground or Treated446
329500Minerals, ground or treated241
32950000Minerals, ground or treated241
329501Minerals, ground or otherwise treated42
32950100Minerals, ground or otherwise treated31
32950101Barite, ground or otherwise treated3
32950102Feldspar, ground or otherwise treated1
32950103Flint, ground or otherwise treated0
32950104Magnesite, crude: ground, calcined, or dead-burned2
32950105Mica, ground or otherwise treated3
32950106Pyrophyllite, ground or otherwise treated1
32950108Steatite, ground or otherwise treated0
32950109Talc, ground or otherwise treated1
329502Earths, ground or otherwise treated114
32950200Earths, ground or otherwise treated9
32950201Barium, ground or otherwise treated0
32950202Clay for petroleum refining, chemically processed9
32950203Clay, ground or otherwise treated17
32950204Desiccants, clay: activated5
32950205Diatomaceous earth, ground or otherwise treated3
32950206Filtering clays, treated2
32950207Fuller's earth, ground or otherwise treated1
32950208Graphite, natural: ground, pulverized, refined, or blended19
32950209Kaolin, ground or otherwise treated2
32950210Cat box filler4
32950211Lead, black (natural graphite): ground, refined, or blended3
32950212Perlite, aggregate or expanded25
32950213Plumbago: ground, refined, or blended0
32950214Pulverized earth2
32950216Shale, expanded5
32950217Silicon, ultra high purity: treated3
32950218Vermiculite, exfoliated4
329599Minerals, ground or treated, nec49
32959901Blast furnace slag4
32959902Foundry facings, ground or otherwise treated4
32959903Roofing granules17
32959904Slag, crushed or ground24