SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3292—Asbestos Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing asbestos textiles, asbestos building materials, except asbestos paper, insulating materials for covering boilers and pipes, and other products composed wholly or chiefly of asbestos. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing asbestos paper are classified in Industry 2621, and those manufacturing gaskets and packing are classified in Industry 3053.

Asbestos cement products: e.g., siding, pressure pipe, conduits, ductsPipe and boiler covering, except felt
Asbestos products: except packing and gasketsPipe covering (insulation), laminated asbestos paper
Blankets, insulating for aircraft: asbestosPipe, pressure: asbestos cement
Boiler covering (heat insulating material), except feltRoofing, asbestos felt roll
Brake lining, asbestosRope, asbestos
Brake pads, asbestosSheet, asbestos cement: flat or corrugated
Building materials, asbestos: except asbestos paperShingles, asbestos cement
Carded fiber, asbestosSiding, asbestos cement
Cloth, asbestosTable pads and padding, asbestos
Clutch facings, asbestosTape, asbestos
Cord, asbestosTextiles, asbestos: except packing
Felt, woven amosite: asbestosThread, asbestos
Floor tile, asphaltTile, vinyl asbestos
Friction materials, asbestos: wovenTubing, asbestos
Insulation, molded asbestosWick, asbestos
Mattresses, asbestosYarn, asbestos
Millboard, asbestos
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3292Asbestos Products94
329200Asbestos products32
32920000Asbestos products32
329201Asbestos textiles, except insulating material9
32920100Asbestos textiles, except insulating material3
32920104Mattresses, asbestos0
32920105Table pads and padding, asbestos2
329202Asbestos building materials, except asbestos paper9
32920200Asbestos building materials, except asbestos paper3
32920202Roofing, asbestos felt roll3
32920203Sheet, asbestos cement: flat or corrugated1
32920204Shingles, asbestos cement2
329203Asbestos insulating materials18
32920300Asbestos insulating materials3
32920301Blankets, insulating for aircraft asbestos4
32920302Boiler covering (heat insulating material), except felt1
32920303Insulation, molded asbestos3
32920304Pipe covering (heat insulating material), except felt7
329204Asbestos friction materials3
32920400Asbestos friction materials2
32920401Brake linings, asbestos0
32920402Clutch facings, asbestos1
329205Tubing and piping, asbestos and asbestos cement9
32920500Tubing and piping, asbestos and asbestos cement7
32920502Ducts, asbestos cement2
329206Twisted asbestos fiber products1
32920603Rope, asbestos0
32920605Wick, asbestos1
329207Asbestos tile products13
32920701Floor tile, asphalt6
32920702Tile, vinyl asbestos5