Industry: 3281—Cut Stone and Stone Products
Establishments primarily engaged in cutting, shaping, and finishing granite, marble, limestone, slate, and other stone for building and miscellaneous uses. Establishments primarily engaged in buying or selling partly finished monuments and tombstones, but performing no work on the stones other than lettering, finishing, or shaping to custom order, are classified in Division F, Wholesale Trade or Division G, Retail Trade. The cutting of grindstones, pulpstones, and whetstones at the quarry is classified in Division B, Mining.

Altars, cut stoneMonuments, cut stone: not including only finishing or lettering
Baptismal fonts, cut stonePaving blocks, cut stone
Benches, cut stonePedestals, marble
Blackboards, slatePulpits, cut stone
Burial vaults, stoneRoofing, slate
Church furniture, cut stoneSlate and slate products
Curbing, granite and stoneStatuary, marble
Cut stone productsStone products
Desk set bases, onyxStone, cut and shaped
Dimension stone for buildingsStone, quarrying and processing of own
FlagstonesSwitchboard panels, slate
Furniture, cut stoneTable tops, marble
Granite, cut and shapedTombstones, cut stone: not including only finishing or lettering
Lamp bases onyxUrns, cut stone
Limestone, cut and shapedVases, cut stone
Marble, building cut and shaped
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3281Cut Stone and Stone Products2,309
328100Cut stone and stone products582
32810000Cut stone and stone products582
328101Furniture, cut stone103
32810100Furniture, cut stone18
32810101Altars, cut stone1
32810102Benches, cut stone3
32810103Church furniture, cut stone1
32810104Table tops, marble80
328102Household articles, except furniture: cut stone118
32810200Household articles, except furniture: cut stone28
32810201Bathroom fixtures, cut stone61
32810202Desk set bases, onyx1
32810204Urns, cut stone25
32810205Vases, cut stone3
328103Building stone products409
32810300Building stone products61
32810301Dimension stone for buildings11
32810302Marble, building: cut and shaped337
328104Slate products38
32810400Slate products31
32810401Blackboards, slate6
32810402Switchboard panels, slate1
328105Monument or burial stone, cut and shaped244
32810500Monument or burial stone, cut and shaped66
32810501Burial vaults, stone30
32810502Monuments, cut stone (not finishing or lettering only)112
32810503Pedestals, marble0
32810504Statuary, marble6
32810505Tombstones, cut stone (not finishing or lettering only)30
328106Curbing, paving, and walkway stone213
32810600Curbing, paving, and walkway stone58
32810601Curbing, granite or stone93
32810603Paving blocks, cut stone10
328199Cut stone and stone products, nec602
32819901Granite, cut and shaped406
32819902Limestone, cut and shaped40
32819903Stone, quarrying and processing of own stone products156