SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3275—Gypsum Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plaster, plasterboard, and other products composed wholly or chiefly of gypsum, except articles of plaster of paris and papier-mache.

Acoustical plaster, gypsumInsulating plaster, gypsum
Agricultural gypsumOrthopedic plaster, gypsum
Board, gypsumPanels, plaster: gypsum
Building board, gypsumPlaster and plasterboard, gypsum
Cement, Keene'sPlaster of paris
Gypsum products: e.g., block, board, plaster, lath, rock, tileWallboard, gypsum
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3275Gypsum Products176
327500Gypsum products117
32750000Gypsum products117
327501Gypsum board44
32750100Gypsum board12
32750101Building board, gypsum4
32750102Plaster and plasterboard, gypsum4
32750103Wallboard, gypsum24
327502Gypsum plaster10
32750200Gypsum plaster2
32750201Acoustical plaster, gypsum4
32750202Insulating plaster, gypsum2
32750204Plaster of paris2
327599Gypsum products, nec5
32759901Agricultural gypsum4
32759902Cement, Keene's1