SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3272—Concrete Products, Except Block and Brick
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete products, except block and brick, from a combination of cement and aggregate. Contractors engaged in concrete construction work are classified in Division C, Construction, and establishments primarily engaged in mixing and delivering ready-mixed concrete are classified in Industry 3273.

Areaways basement window: concreteManhole covers and frames, concrete
Art marble, concreteMantels, concrete
Ashlar, cast stoneMattresses for river revetment, concrete articulated
Bathtubs, concreteMeter boxes, concrete
Battery wells and boxes, concreteMonuments, concrete
Building materials, concrete: except block and brickPanels and sections, prefabricated: concrete
Building stone, artificial: concretePaving materials, prefabricated concrete, except blocks
Burial vaults, concrete and precast terrazzoPier footings, prefabricated concrete
Cast stone, concretePiling, prefabricated concrete
Catch basin covers, concretePipe, concrete
Ceiling squares, concretePipe, lined with concrete
Chimney caps, concretePoles, concrete
Church furniture, concretePosts, concrete
Columns, concretePressure pipe, reinforced concrete
Concrete products, precast: except block and brickPrestressed concrete products
Concrete, dry mixtureRoofing tile and slabs, concrete
Conduits, concreteSeptic tanks, concrete
Copings, concreteSewer pipe, concrete
Cribbing, concreteShower receptors, concrete
Crossing slabs, concreteSiding, precast stone
Culvert pipe, concreteSills, concrete
Cylinder pipe, prestressed concreteSilo staves, cast stone
Cylinder pipe, pretensioned concreteSilos, prefabricated concrete
Door frames, concreteSlabs, crossing: concrete
Drain tile, concreteSpanish floor tile, concrete
Fireplaces, concreteSquares for walls and ceilings, concrete
Floor filler tiles, concreteSteps, prefabricated concrete
Floor slabs, precast concreteStone, cast concrete
Floor tile, precast terrazzoStools, precast terrazzo
Fountains, concreteStorage tanks, concrete
Fountains, wash: precast terrazzoTanks, concrete
Garbage boxes, concreteTerrazzo products, precast
Grave markers, concreteThresholds, precast terrazzo
Grave vaults, concreteTies, railroad: concrete
Grease traps, concreteTile, precast terrazzo or concrete
Housing components, prefabricated: concreteTombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete
Incinerators, concreteWall base, precast terrazzo
Irrigation pipe, concreteWall squares, concrete
Joists, concreteWash foundations, precast terrazzo
Laundry trays, concreteWell curbing, concrete
Lintels, concreteWindow sills, cast stone
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3272Concrete Products, Nec4,657
327200Concrete products, nec1,008
32720000Concrete products, nec1,008
327201Liquid catch basins, tanks, and covers: concrete325
32720100Liquid catch basins, tanks, and covers: concrete14
32720101Catch basin covers, concrete12
32720102Manhole covers or frames, concrete25
32720103Septic tanks, concrete253
32720104Tanks, concrete21
327202Solid containing units, concrete47
32720200Solid containing units, concrete5
32720201Battery wells or boxes, concrete2
32720202Garbage boxes, concrete4
32720203Grease traps, concrete13
32720204Incinerators, concrete2
32720205Meter boxes, concrete9
32720206Silo staves, cast stone or concrete8
32720207Silos, prefabricated concrete4
327203Precast terrazo or concrete products2,137
32720300Precast terrazo or concrete products279
32720301Bathtubs, concrete18
32720302Burial vaults, concrete or precast terrazzo823
32720303Concrete products, precast, nec755
32720304Floor slabs and tiles, precast concrete62
32720305Floor tile, precast terrazzo1
32720306Fountains, concrete24
32720307Fountains, wash: precast terrazzo3
32720308Furniture, church: concrete2
32720309Furniture, garden: concrete8
32720311Poles and posts, concrete24
32720312Roofing tile and slabs, concrete39
32720313Shower receptors, concrete3
32720314Slabs, crossing: concrete9
32720315Spanish floor tile, concrete1
32720316Steps, prefabricated concrete34
32720318Terrazzo products, precast, nec5
32720319Thresholds, precast terrazzo1
32720320Ties, railroad: concrete13
32720321Tile, precast terrazzo or concrete14
32720322Tombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete11
32720323Wall base, precast terrazzo4
32720324Wash foundations, precast terrazzo4
327204Fireplace and chimney material: concrete74
32720400Fireplace and chimney material: concrete33
32720401Chimney caps, concrete3
32720402Fireplaces, concrete34
32720403Mantels, concrete4
327205Concrete window and door components, sills and frames35
32720500Concrete window and door components, sills and frames10
32720501Areaways, basement window: concrete9
32720502Door frames, concrete3
32720503Lintels, concrete8
32720504Sills, concrete2
32720505Window sills, cast stone3
327206Concrete products used to facilitate drainage213
32720600Concrete products used to facilitate drainage32
32720601Concrete articulated mattresses for river revetment0
32720602Conduits, concrete6
32720603Copings, concrete8
32720604Culvert pipe, concrete17
32720605Cylinder pipe, prestressed or pretensioned concrete9
32720606Drain tile, concrete7
32720607Irrigation pipe, concrete8
32720608Pipe, concrete or lined with concrete84
32720609Pressure pipe, reinforced concrete7
32720610Sewer pipe, concrete30
32720611Well curbing, concrete5
327207Concrete stuctural support and building material426
32720700Concrete stuctural support and building material69
32720701Ashlar, cast stone0
32720702Building materials, except block or brick: concrete114
32720703Building stone, artificial: concrete25
32720704Cast stone, concrete65
32720705Columns, concrete13
32720707Housing components, prefabricated concrete13
32720708Joists, concrete1
32720709Panels and sections, prefabricated concrete16
32720710Pier footings, prefabricated concrete2
32720711Piling, prefabricated concrete2
32720712Siding, precast stone16
32720713Stone, cast concrete78
32720714Wall and ceiling squares, concrete12
327208Monuments and grave markers, except terrazo210
32720800Monuments and grave markers, except terrazo162
32720801Grave markers, concrete12
32720802Monuments, concrete36
327299Concrete products, nec, nec182
32729901Art marble, concrete29
32729902Dry mixture concrete53
32729903Paving materials, prefabricated concrete30
32729904Prestressed concrete products70