Industry: 3271—Concrete Block and Brick
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing concrete building block and brick from a combination of cement and aggregate. Contractors engaged in concrete construction work are classified in Division C, Construction, and establishments primarily engaged in mixing and delivering ready-mixed concrete are classified in Industry 3273.

Architecture block concrete: e.g. fluted, screen, split, slump, ground facePaving block, concrete
Blocks, concrete and cinderPlinth blocks, precast terrazzo
Brick, concrete
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3271Concrete Block and Brick885
327100Concrete block and brick246
32710000Concrete block and brick246
327199Concrete block and brick, nec639
32719901Architectural concrete: block, split, fluted, screen, etc.32
32719902Blocks, concrete or cinder: standard335
32719903Blocks, concrete: acoustical3
32719904Blocks, concrete: chimney or fireplace13
32719905Blocks, concrete: drystack interlocking13
32719906Blocks, concrete: glazed face2
32719907Blocks, concrete: heat absorbing1
32719908Blocks, concrete: insulating11
32719909Blocks, concrete: landscape or retaining wall157
32719910Blocks, concrete: radiation-proof1
32719911Brick, concrete28
32719912Paving blocks, concrete33
32719913Plinth blocks, precast terrazzo1
32719914Roof ballast block, concrete2
32719915Sewer and manhole block, concrete7