SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3269—Pottery Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in firing and decorating white china and earthenware for the trade and manufacturing art and ornamental pottery, industrial and laboratory pottery, stoneware and coarse earthenware table and kitchen articles, unglazed red earthenware florists'articles, and other pottery products, not elsewhere classified.

Art and ornamental ware, potteryFlorists' articles, red earthenware
Ashtrays, potteryFlower pots, red earthenware
Ceramic articles for craft shopsForms for dipped rubber products, pottery
Chemical porcelainGrinding media, pottery
Chemical stoneware (pottery products)Heater parts, pottery
China firing and decorating, for the tradeKitchen articles, coarse earthenware
Cones, pyrometric: earthenwareLamp bases, pottery
Cooking ware: stoneware, coarse earthenware, and potteryPottery: art, garden, decorative, industrial, and laboratory
CrockeryPyrometer tubes
Decalcomania work on china and glass, for the tradeRockingham earthenware
Earthenware table and kitchen articles, coarseSmokers' articles, pottery
Encrusting gold, silver, or other metal on china, for the tradeStationery articles, pottery
Figures, pottery: china, earthenware, and stonewareTextile guides, porcelain
Filtering media, potteryVases, pottery (china, earthenware, and stoneware)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3269Pottery Products, Nec990
326900Pottery products, nec387
32690000Pottery products, nec387
326901Pottery cooking and kitchen articles135
32690100Pottery cooking and kitchen articles82
32690101Cookware: stoneware, coarse earthenware, and pottery32
32690103Kitchen and table articles, coarse earthenware12
32690104Kitchen articles, coarse earthenware1
326902Laboratory and industrial pottery24
32690200Laboratory and industrial pottery11
32690201Chemical porcelain5
32690202Cones, pyrometric: earthenware1
32690203Filtering media, pottery5
32690204Forms for dipped rubber products, pottery1
32690205Grinding media, pottery0
32690206Pyrometer tubes1
326903China decorating13
32690300China decorating5
32690301Decalcomania work on china and glass3
32690303Firing and decorating china5
326904Pottery household articles, except kitchen articles66
32690400Pottery household articles, except kitchen articles31
32690401Lamp bases, pottery5
32690402Smokers' articles, pottery1
32690403Vases, pottery29
326905Pottery florists' articles14
32690500Pottery florists' articles8
32690501Flower pots, red earthenware6
326999Pottery products, nec, nec351
32699901Art and ornamental ware, pottery191
32699902Figures: pottery, china, earthenware, and stoneware46
32699903Heater parts, pottery1
32699904Stationery articles, pottery8
32699905Stoneware pottery products104
32699906Textile guides, porcelain1