Industry: 3264—Porcelain Electrical Supplies
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing porcelain electronic and other electrical insulators, molded porcelain parts for electrical devices, spark plug and steatitic porcelain, and electronic and electrical supplies from clay and other ceramic materials.

Alumina porcelain insulatorsMagnets, permanent: ceramic or ferrite
Beryllia porcelain insulatorsPorcelain parts, molded: for electrical and electronic devices
Cleats, porcelainSpark plugs, porcelain
FerriteTitania porcelain insulators
Insulators, porcelainTubes, porcelain
Knobs, porcelain
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3264Porcelain Electrical Supplies129
326400Porcelain electrical supplies59
32640000Porcelain electrical supplies59
326499Porcelain electrical supplies, nec70
32649901Cleats, porcelain3
32649902Ferrite and ferrite parts4
32649903Insulators, electrical: porcelain18
32649904Knobs, porcelain2
32649905Magnets, permanent: ceramic or ferrite35
32649906Porcelain parts for electrical devices, molded3
32649907Spark plugs, porcelain1
32649908Tubes, porcelain4