SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3263—Fine Earthenware (Whiteware) Table and Kitchen Articles
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fine (semivitreous) earthenware table and kitchen articles for preparing, serving, or storing food or drink. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vitreous china table and kitchen articles are classified in Industry 3262.

Cooking ware, fine earthenwareTableware: commercial and household-semivitreous
Earthenware: commercial and household-semivitreousWhiteware, fine type semivitreous tableware and kitchenware
Kitchenware, semivitreous earthenware
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3263Semivitreous Table and Kitchenware56
326300Semivitreous table and kitchenware14
32630000Semivitreous table and kitchenware14
326399Semivitreous table and kitchenware, nec42
32639901Commercial tableware or kitchen articles, fine earthenware19
32639902Cookware, fine earthenware10
32639903Earthenware, household or commercial: semivitreous3
32639904Kitchen articles, semivitreous earthenware3
32639905Tableware, household and commercial: semivitreous4
32639906Whiteware, fine type semivitreous table or kitchen articles3