SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3261—Vitreous China Plumbing Fixtures and China and Earthenware Fittings and Bathroom Accessories
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing vitreous china plumbing fixtures and china and earthenware fittings and bathroom accessories.

Bathroom accessories, vitreous china and earthenwareLavatories, vitreous china
Bidets, vitreous chinaPlumbing fixtures, vitreous china
Bolt caps, vitreous china and earthenwareSinks, vitreous china
Closet bowls, vitreous chinaSoap dishes, vitreous china and earthenware
Drinking fountains, vitreous chinaToilet fixtures, vitreous china
Faucet handles, vitreous china and earthenwareTowel bar holders, vitreous china and earthenware
Flush tanks, vitreous chinaUrinals, vitreous china
Laundry trays, vitreous china
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3261Vitreous Plumbing Fixtures121
326100Vitreous plumbing fixtures37
32610000Vitreous plumbing fixtures37
326101Bathroom accessories/fittings, vitreous china or earthenware62
32610100Bathroom accessories/fittings, vitreous china or earthenware53
32610101Bolt caps, vitreous china or earthenware2
32610102Faucet handles, vitreous china and earthenware1
32610104Soap dishes, vitreous china6
32610105Towel bar holders, vitreous china0
326102Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china22
32610200Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china9
32610201Bidets, vitreous china5
32610202Closet bowls, vitreous china0
32610203Drinking fountains, vitreous china0
32610204Flush tanks, vitreous china1
32610205Lavatories, vitreous china0
32610206Sinks, vitreous china4
32610207Toilet fixtures, vitreous china3
32610208Urinals, vitreous china0