SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3259—Structural Clay Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing clay sewer pipe and structural clay products, not elsewhere classified.

Adobe brickLiner brick and plates, for lining sewers, tanks, etc.: vitrified clay
Architectural terra cottaLining, stove and flue: clay
Blocks, segment: clayRoofing tile, clay
Chimney pipe and tops, claySewer pipe and fittings, clay
Conduit, vitrified clayThimbles, chimney: clay
Coping, wall: clayTile, filter underdrain: clay
Drain tile, clayTile, sewer: clay
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3259Structural Clay Products, Nec98
325900Structural clay products, nec9
32590000Structural clay products, nec9
325901Clay sewer and drainage pipe and tile37
32590100Clay sewer and drainage pipe and tile22
32590102Drain tile, clay3
32590103Liner brick or plates for sewer/tank lining, vitrified clay9
32590104Sewer pipe or fittings, clay3
325902Clay chimney products13
32590200Clay chimney products4
32590201Chimney pipe and tops, clay5
32590203Flue lining, clay4
325903Architectural clay products38
32590300Architectural clay products7
32590301Adobe brick12
32590302Architectural terra cotta3
32590303Roofing tile, clay16
325999Structural clay products, nec, nec1
32599901Segment blocks, clay0
32599902Stove lining, clay0
32599903Wall coping, clay1