SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3255—Clay Refractories
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing clay firebrick and other heat resisting clay products. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nonclay refractories and all graphite refractories, whether of carbon bond or ceramic bond, are classified in Industry 3297.

Brick, clay refractory: fire clay and high aluminaInsulating firebrick and shapes, clay
Castable refractories, clayKiln furniture, clay
Cement, clay refractoryLadle brick, clay
Clay refractoriesMelting pots, glasshouse: clay
Crucibles, fire clayMortars, clay refractory
Fire clay blocks, bricks, tile, and special shapesPlastics fire clay bricks
Firebrick, clayPlastics refractories, clay
Floaters, glasshouse: clayRings, glasshouse: clay
Foundry refractories, claySaggers
Glasshouse refractoriesStoppers, glasshouse: clay
Heater radiants, clayTank blocks, glasshouse: clay
Hot top refractories, clayTile, clay refractory
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3255Clay Refractories180
325500Clay refractories100
32550000Clay refractories100
325501Plastic refractories4
32550100Plastic refractories4
32550101Plastic fire clay bricks0
325502Glasshouse refractories6
32550200Glasshouse refractories4
32550201Floaters, glasshouse: clay0
32550202Melting pots, glasshouse: clay2
32550203Stoppers, glasshouse: clay0
32550204Tank blocks, glasshouse: clay0
325503Tile and brick refractories, except plastic48
32550300Tile and brick refractories, except plastic8
32550301Brick, clay refractory13
32550302Fire clay blocks, bricks, tile, or special shapes10
32550303Firebrick, clay11
32550304Ladle brick, clay2
32550305Tile, clay refractory4
325504Firing oven and accessories, clay4
32550400Firing oven and accessories, clay2
325599Clay refractories, nec18
32559901Castable refractories: clay3
32559902Cement, clay refractory6
32559903Foundry refractories, clay4
32559904Heater radiants, clay3
32559905Hot top refractories, clay1
32559906Mortars, clay refractory1