SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3229—Pressed and Blown Glass and Glassware, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing glass and glassware, not elsewhere classified, pressed, blown, or shaped from glass produced in the same establishment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing textile glass fibers are also included in this industry, but establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing glass wool insulation products are classified in Industry 3296. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fiber optic cables are classified in Industry 3357, and those manufacturing fiber optic medical devices are classified in Industry Group 384. Establishments primarily engaged in the production of pressed lenses for vehicular lighting, beacons, and lanterns are also included in this industry, but establishments primarily engaged in the production of optical lenses are classified in Industry 3827. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing glass containers are classified in Industry 3221, and those manufacturing complete electric light bulbs are classified in Industry 3641.

Art glassware, made in glassmaking plantsLamp parts, glass
Ashtrays, glassLamp shades, glass
Barware, glassLantern globes, glass: pressed or blown
Battery jars, glassLens blanks, optical and ophthalmic
Blocks, glassLenses, glass: for lanterns, flashlights, headlights, and searchlights
Bowls, glassLevel vials for instruments, glass
Bulbs for electric lights, without filaments or sockets—mitseLight shades, glass: pressed or blown
Candlesticks, glassLighting glassware, pressed or blown
Centerpieces, glassNovelty glassware: made in glassmaking plants
Chimneys, lamp: glass-pressed or blownOphthalmic glass, except flat
Christmas tree ornaments, from glass—mitseOptical glass blanks
Clip cups, glassPhotomask blanks, glass
Cooking utensils, glass and glass ceramicReflectors for lighting equipment, glass: pressed or blown
Drinking straws, glassRefrigerator dishes and jars, glass
Fiber optics strandsScientific glassware, pressed or blown: made in glassmaking plants
Fibers, glass, textileStemware, glass
Flameware, glass and glass ceramicTableware, glass and glass ceramic
Frying pans, glass and glass ceramicTea kettles, glass and glass ceramic
Glass blanks for electric light bulbsTechnical glassware and glass products, pressed or blown
Glass brickTelevision tube blanks, glass
Glassware, except glass containers for packing, bottling, and canningTextile glass fibers
Glassware: art, decorative, and noveltyTobacco jars, glass
Goblets, glassTrays, glass
Illuminating glass: light shades, reflectors, lamp chimneys, and globesTubing, glass
Industrial glassware and glass products, pressed or blownTumblers, glass
Ink-Wells, glassVases, glass
Insulators, electrical: glassYarn, fiberglass: made in glass plants
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3229Pressed and Blown Glass, Nec1,129
322900Pressed and blown glass, nec282
32290000Pressed and blown glass, nec282
322901Glass furnishings and accessories110
32290100Glass furnishings and accessories21
32290101Ashtrays, glass2
32290103Bowls, glass10
32290104Candlesticks, glass9
32290105Cooking utensils, glass or glass ceramic8
32290106Tableware, glass or glass ceramic38
32290107Vases, glass13
322902Optical glass75
32290200Optical glass66
32290201Lens blanks, optical6
32290202Ophthalmic glass, except flat2
32290203Optical glass blanks1
322903Industrial-use glassware43
32290300Industrial-use glassware4
32290301Blocks and bricks, glass16
32290302Glassware, industrial22
32290303Insulators, electrical: glass1
322904Glass fiber products211
32290400Glass fiber products103
32290401Fiber optics strands96
32290402Glass fibers, textile7
32290403Yarn, fiberglass5
322905Glass tubes and tubing22
32290500Glass tubes and tubing10
32290502Tubing, glass9
32290503TV tube blanks, glass1
322906Scientific glassware39
32290600Scientific glassware38
32290601Level vials for instruments, glass1
322907Glass lighting equipment parts97
32290700Glass lighting equipment parts11
32290701Bulbs for electric lights57
32290702Chimneys, lamp: pressed or blown glass2
32290703Glass blanks for electric light bulbs1
32290704Lamp parts and shades, glass12
32290705Lantern globes1
32290706Lenses, lantern, flashlight, headlight, etc.: glass7
32290707Reflectors for lighting equipment, pressed or blown glass6
322908Art, decorative and novelty glassware250
32290800Art, decorative and novelty glassware89
32290801Christmas tree ornaments, from glass produced on-site10
32290802Glassware, art or decorative135
32290803Novelty glassware14
32290804Stationers' glassware: inkwells, clip cups, etc.2