Industry: 3211—Flat Glass
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing flat glass. This industry also produces laminated glass, but establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing laminated glass from purchased flat glass are classified in Industry 3231.

Building glass, flatPicture glass
Cathedral glassPlate glass blanks for optical or ophthalmic uses
Float glassPlate glass, polished and rough
Glass, colored: cathedral and antiqueSheet glass
Glass, flatSheet glass blanks for optical or ophthalmic uses
Insulating glass, sealed units—mitseSkylight glass
Laminated glass, made from glass produced in the same establishmentSpectacle glass
Multiple-glazed insulating units—mitseStructural glass, flat
Opalescent flat glassTempered glass—mitse
Ophthalmic glass, flatWindow glass, clear and colored
Optical glass, flat
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3211Flat Glass745
321100Flat glass199
32110000Flat glass199
321101Transparent optical glass, except lenses19
32110100Transparent optical glass, except lenses7
32110101Ophthalmic glass, flat0
32110102Optical glass, flat10
32110103Spectacle glass2
321102Strengthened or reinforced glass51
32110200Strengthened or reinforced glass8
32110201Laminated glass20
32110202Tempered glass23
321103Construction glass421
32110300Construction glass49
32110301Building glass, flat19
32110302Insulating glass, sealed units43
32110303Skylight glass19
32110304Structural glass12
32110305Window glass, clear and colored279
321104Plate and sheet glass24
32110400Plate and sheet glass16
32110401Plate glass, polished and rough4
32110402Sheet glass4
321199Flat glass, nec31
32119901Antique glass19
32119902Cathedral glass2
32119903Float glass5
32119904Opalescent glass, flat0
32119905Picture glass5