Industry: 3086—Plastics Foam Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing plastics foam products.

Cups, foamed plasticsInsulation and cushioning: foamed plastics
Cushions, carpet and rug: plastics foamPackaging foamed plastics
Foamed plastics productsPlates foamed plastics
Ice chests or coolers, portable: foamed plasticsShipping pads, plastics foam
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3086Plastics Foam Products1,226
308600Plastics foam products518
30860000Plastics foam products518
308699Plastics foam products, nec708
30869901Carpet and rug cushions, foamed plastics21
30869902Cups and plates, foamed plastics36
30869903Ice chests or coolers (portable), foamed plastics18
30869904Insulation or cushioning material, foamed plastics189
30869905Packaging and shipping materials, foamed plastics402
30869906Padding, foamed plastics42