SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3069—Fabricated Rubber Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial rubber goods, rubberized fabrics, and vulcanized rubber clothing, and miscellaneous rubber specialties and sundries, not elsewhere classified. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in reclaiming rubber and rubber articles. Establishments primarily engaged in the wholesale distribution of scrap rubber are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5093. Establishments primarily engaged in rebuilding and retreading tires are classified in Services, Industry 7534; those manufacturing rubberized clothing from purchased materials are classified in Industry 2385; and those manufacturing gaskets and packing are Classified in Industry 3053.

Acid bottles, rubberMats and matting: e.g., bath, door—rubber
Air supported rubber structuresMattress protectors, rubber
Aprons, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric—mitseMattresses, pneumatic: fabric coated with rubber
Bags, rubber or rubberized fabricMedical sundries, rubber
Balloons advertising and toy: rubberMittens, rubber
Balloons metal foil laminated with rubberMouthpieces for pipes and cigarette holders, rubber
Balls, rubber: except athletic equipmentNipples, rubber
Bath sprays, rubberOrthopedic sundries, molded rubber
Bathing caps and suits, rubber—mitsePacifiers, rubber
Battery boxes, jars, and parts: hard rubberPads, kneeling: rubber
Bibs, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric—mitsePants, baby: vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric—mitse
Bottles, rubberPillows, sponge rubber
Boxes, hard rubberPipe stems and bits, tobacco: hard rubber
Brake lining, rubberPlatens, except printers': solid or covered rubber
Brushes, rubberPlumbers' rubber goods
Bulbs for medicine droppers, syringes, atomizers, and sprays: rubberPontoons, rubber
Bushings, rubberPrinters' blankets, rubber
Capes, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric—mitsePrinters' rolls rubber
Caps, rubber—mitseProphylactics rubber
Castings, rubberPump sleeves, rubber
Chlorinated rubbers, naturalReclaimed rubber (reworked by manufacturing processes)
Cloaks, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric—mitseRods, hard rubber
Clothing, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric—mitseRoll coverings: rubber for papermill; industrial, steel mills, printers'
Combs, hard rubberRoller covers, printers': rubber
Culture cups, rubberRolls, solid or covered rubber
Custom compounding of rubber materialsRoofing, single ply membrane: rubber
Cyclo rubbers, naturalRubber heels, soles, and soling strips
Diaphragms, rubber: separate and in kitsRubber-covered motor mounting rings (rubber bonded)
Dress shields, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric—mitseRubberbands
Druggists' sundries, rubberRug backing compounds, latex
Erasers: rubber, or rubber and abrasive combinedSeparators, battery: rubber
Fabrics, rubberizedSheeting, rubber or rubberized fabric
Film, rubberSheets, hard rubber
Finger cots, rubberSleeves, pump: rubber
Flooring, rubber: tile or sheetSoles, boot and shoe: rubber, composition, and fiber
Foam rubberSoling strips, boot and shoe: rubber, composition, and fiber
Fountain syringes, rubberSpatulas, rubber
Friction tape, rubberSponge rubber and sponge rubber products
Fuel cells, rubberStair treads, rubber
Fuel tanks, collapsible: rubberized fabricStationers' sundries, rubber
Funnels, rubberStoppers, rubber
Gloves: e.g., surgeons', electricians', household—rubberTape, pressure sensitive (including friction), rubber
Grips and handles, rubberTeething rings, rubber
Grommets, rubberThermometer cases, rubber
Gutta percha compoundsThread, rubber: except fabric covered
Hair curlers, rubberTile, rubber
Hairpins, rubberTop lift sheets, rubber
Handles, rubberTop roll covering, for textile mill machinery: rubber
Hard rubber productsToys, rubber: except dolls
Hard surface floor coverings: rubberTrays, rubber
Heels, boot and shoe: rubber, composition, and fiberTubing, rubber: except extruded and lathe-cut
Jar rings, rubberType, rubber
Laboratory sundries: e.g., cases, covers, funnels, cups, bottles—rubberUrinals, rubber
Latex, foamedValves, hard rubber
Life jackets: inflatable rubberized fabricWainscoting, rubber
Life rafts, rubberWallcoverings, rubber
Liner strips, rubberWater bottles, rubber
Linings, vulcanizable elastomeric: rubberWeather strip, sponge rubber
Mallets, rubberWet suits, rubber
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
3069Fabricated Rubber Products, Nec2,116
306900Fabricated rubber products, nec260
30690000Fabricated rubber products, nec260
306901Medical and laboratory rubber sundries and related products274
30690100Medical and laboratory rubber sundries and related products197
30690101Acid bottles, rubber10
30690102Bulbs, rubber: for atomizers, syringes, medicine droppers8
30690103Culture cups, rubber2
30690104Fountain syringes, rubber1
30690105Laboratory sundries: cases, covers, funnels, cups, etc.11
30690106Medical sundries, rubber28
30690107Spray bulbs, rubber0
30690108Stoppers, rubber2
30690109Water bottles, rubber15
306902Rubber floorcoverings/mats and wallcoverings173
30690200Rubber floorcoverings/mats and wallcoverings38
30690201Bathmats, rubber2
30690202Door mats, rubber6
30690203Floor coverings, rubber34
30690204Flooring, rubber: tile or sheet44
30690205Mats or matting, rubber, nec29
30690206Sheeting, rubber or rubberized fabric9
30690207Stair treads, rubber2
30690208Tile, rubber4
30690209Wallcoverings, rubber5
306903Rubber coated fabrics and clothing79
30690300Rubber coated fabrics and clothing14
30690301Aprons, vulcanized rubbed or rubberized fabric0
30690302Baby pants, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric2
30690303Bathing caps or suits, rubber1
30690304Bibs, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric1
30690305Capes, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric1
30690307Clothing, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric23
30690308Dress shields, vulcanized rubber or rubberized fabric1
30690309Mittens, rubber1
30690310Rubberized fabrics18
30690311Wet suits, rubber17
306904Air-supported rubber structures99
30690400Air-supported rubber structures13
30690401Balloons, advertising and toy: rubber42
30690402Balloons, metal foil laminated with rubber7
30690403Life jackets, inflatable: rubberized fabric25
30690404Life rafts, rubber10
30690405Mattresses, pneumatic: fabric coated with rubber2
306905Boot or shoe products, rubber20
30690500Boot or shoe products, rubber10
30690501Heels, boot or shoe: rubber, composition, or fiber5
30690502Soles, boot or shoe: rubber, composition, or fiber4
30690504Top lift sheets, rubber1
306906Reclaimed rubber and specialty rubber compounds136
30690600Reclaimed rubber and specialty rubber compounds22
30690601Chlorinated rubbers, natural2
30690602Custom compounding of rubber materials49
30690604Gutta-percha compounds1
30690605Latex, foamed17
30690606Reclaimed rubber (reworked by manufacturing processes)42
30690607Rug backing compounds, latex2
306907Sponge rubber and sponge rubber products47
30690700Sponge rubber and sponge rubber products27
30690701Pillows, sponge rubber3
30690702Weather strip, sponge rubber17
306908Druggist's rubber sundries58
30690800Druggist's rubber sundries2
30690801Baby pacifiers, rubber26
30690802Birth control devices, rubber12
30690803Finger cots, rubber2
30690804Nipples, rubber4
30690805Orthopedic sundries, molded rubber7
30690806Teething rings, rubber5
306909Stationer's rubber sundries24
30690900Stationer's rubber sundries12
30690901Erasers: rubber, or rubber and abrasive combined1
30690902Rubber bands11
306910Hard rubber and molded rubber products412
30691000Hard rubber and molded rubber products78
30691001Battery boxes, jars, or parts, hard rubber4
30691002Boxes, hard rubber0
30691003Grips or handles, rubber25
30691004Hard rubber products, nec22
30691005Mallets, rubber1
30691006Molded rubber products261
30691007Rods, hard rubber0
30691008Sheets, hard rubber9
30691009Tubes, hard rubber3
30691010Urinals, rubber1
30691011Valves, hard rubber8
306911Rubber hair accessories10
30691100Rubber hair accessories4
30691101Brushes, rubber3
30691102Combs, hard rubber1
30691103Curlers, hair, rubber0
30691104Hairpins, rubber2
306912Rubber smoking accessories12
30691200Rubber smoking accessories8
30691201Mouthpieces for pipes, cigarette holders, etc.: rubber3
30691202Pipestems or bits, tobacco: hard rubber1
306913Rubber rolls and roll coverings86
30691300Rubber rolls and roll coverings26
30691301Printers' rolls and blankets: rubber or rubberized fabric18
30691302Roll coverings, rubber31
30691303Rolls, solid or covered rubber11
30691304Top roll covering, for textile mill machinery: rubber0
306914Rubber automotive products68
30691400Rubber automotive products62
30691401Brake linings, rubber3
30691402Rubber covered motor mounting rings (rubber bonded)3
306915Rubber hardware69
30691500Rubber hardware28
30691501Bushings, rubber5
30691502Castings, rubber8
30691503Expansion joints, rubber6
30691504Grommets, rubber2
30691505Plumbers' rubber goods9
30691506Washers, rubber11
306916Rubber tape21
30691600Rubber tape8
30691601Friction tape, rubber1
30691602Tape, pressure sensitive: rubber12
306999Fabricated rubber products, nec, nec268
30699901Bags, rubber or rubberized fabric30
30699902Balls, rubber7
30699903Bath sprays, rubber2
30699904Film, rubber4
30699905Foam rubber81
30699906Fuel tanks, collapsible: rubberized fabric14
30699908Kneeling pads, rubber1
30699909Liner strips, rubber7
30699910Linings, vulcanizable rubber14
30699911Mattress protectors, rubber3
30699912Platens, except printers': solid or covered rubber1
30699913Pontoons, rubber5
30699914Pump sleeves, rubber4
30699915Roofing, membrane rubber19
30699916Spatulas, rubber0
30699917Thread, rubber0
30699918Toys, rubber47
30699920Tubing, rubber15
30699921Type, rubber7
30699922Wainscoting, rubber1
30699923Strapping, rubber3