Industry: 3053—Gaskets, Packing, and Sealing Devices
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing gaskets, gasketing materials, compression packings, mold packings, oil seals, and mechanical seals. Included are gaskets, packing, and sealing devices made of leather, rubber, metal, asbestos, and plastics.

Gaskets, regardless of materialPacking cup, U-valve, etc. leather
Grease retainers, leatherPacking for steam engines, pipe joints, air compressors, etc.
Grease seals, asbestosPacking, metallic
Oil seals, asbestosPacking, rubber
Oil seals, leatherSteam and other packing
Oil seals, rubberWashers, leather
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3053Gaskets; Packing and Sealing Devices780
305300Gaskets; packing and sealing devices212
30530000Gaskets; packing and sealing devices212
305301Gaskets and sealing devices480
30530100Gaskets and sealing devices200
30530101Gasket materials38
30530102Gaskets, all materials216
30530103Grease retainers, leather0
30530104Grease seals, asbestos2
30530105Oil seals, asbestos0
30530106Oil seals, leather1
30530107Oil seals, rubber22
30530108Washers, leather1
305302Packing materials88
30530200Packing materials53
30530201Cup packing, leather0
30530202Packing, leather, nec1
30530203Packing, metallic6
30530204Packing, rubber8
30530205Packing: steam engines, pipe joints, air compressors, etc.19