SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3052—Rubber and Plastics Hose and Belting
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber and plastics hose and belting, including garden hose. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing rubber tubing are classified in Industry Group 306; those manufacturing plastics tubing are classified in Industry 3082; and those manufacturing flexible metallic hose are classified in Industry 3599.

Air brake and air line hose, rubber or rubberized fabricHeater hose, plastics or rubber
Automobile hose, plastics or rubberHose, plastics or rubber
Belting, rubber e.g., conveyor, elevator, transmissionHose: cotton fabric, rubber lined
Firehose, rubberPneumatic hose, rubber or rubberized fabric e.g., air brake and air line
Garden hose, plastics or rubberVacuum cleaner hose, plastics or rubber
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3052Rubber and Plastics Hose and Beltings374
305200Rubber and plastics hose and beltings151
30520000Rubber and plastics hose and beltings151
305201Rubber hose115
30520100Rubber hose53
30520101Air line or air brake hose, rubber or rubberized fabric10
30520102Automobile hose, rubber17
30520103Cotton fabric, rubber lined hose3
30520104Fire hose, rubber10
30520105Garden hose, rubber2
30520106Heater hose, rubber0
30520107Hose, pneumatic: rubber or rubberized fabric, nec17
30520108Vacuum cleaner hose, rubber3
305202Plastic hose49
30520200Plastic hose28
30520201Automobile hose, plastic4
30520202Garden hose, plastic12
30520203Heater hose, plastic2
30520204Vacuum cleaner hose, plastic3
305203Rubber belting47
30520300Rubber belting41
30520301Transmission belting, rubber3
30520302V-belts, rubber3
305204Plastic belting12
30520400Plastic belting9
30520401V-belts, plastic3