SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3011—Tires and Inner Tubes
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pneumatic casings, inner tubes, and solid and cushion tires for all types of vehicles, airplanes, farm equipment, and children's vehicles; tiring; camelback; and tire repair and retreading materials. Establishments primarily engaged in retreading tires are classified in services, Industry 7534.

Camelback for tire retreadingTire sundries and tire repair materials, rubber
Inner tubes: airplane, automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, and tractorTires, cushion or solid rubber
Pneumatic casings (rubber tires)Tiring, continuous lengths: rubber, with or without metal core
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3011Tires and Inner Tubes483
301100Tires and inner tubes257
30110000Tires and inner tubes257
301101Inner tubes, all types23
30110100Inner tubes, all types8
30110101Agricultural inner tubes1
30110102Airplane inner tubes3
30110103Automobile inner tubes3
30110104Bicycle inner tubes0
30110105Industrial inner tubes5
30110107Truck or bus inner tubes3
301102Pneumatic tires, all types114
30110200Pneumatic tires, all types12
30110201Agricultural tires, pneumatic3
30110202Airplane tires, pneumatic9
30110203Automobile tires, pneumatic41
30110204Bicycle tires, pneumatic1
30110205Industrial tires, pneumatic28
30110206Motorcycle tires, pneumatic11
30110207Truck or bus tires, pneumatic9
301103Tire and inner tube materials and related products77
30110300Tire and inner tube materials and related products45
30110301Retreading materials, tire11
30110302Tire sundries or tire repair materials, rubber13
30110303Tiring, continuous lengths: rubber, with metal core0
30110305Tread rubber, camelback for tire retreading8
301199Tires and inner tubes, nec12
30119901Tires, cushion or solid rubber12
30119902Tires, semi-pneumatic0