SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2952—Asphalt Felts and Coatings
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing, from purchased materials, asphalt and other saturated felts in roll or shingle form, either smooth or faced with grit, and in manufacturing roofing cements and coatings. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paint are classified in Industry 2851, and those manufacturing linoleum and tile cement are classified in Industry 2891.

Asphalt roof cement—mfpmRoof cement: asphalt, fibrous, and plastics—mfpm
Asphalt saturated board—mfpmRoof coatings and cements: liquid and plastics—mfpm
Brick siding, asphalt—mfpmRoofing felts, cements, and coatings: asphalt, tar, and composition—mfpm
Coating compounds, tar—mfpmRoofing, asphalt or tar saturated felt: built-up, roll, and shingle—mfpm
Fabrics, roofing: asphalt or tar saturated—mfpmSheathing, asphalt saturated—mfpm
Insulating siding, impregnated—mfpmShingles, asphalt or tar saturated felt: strip and individual—mfpm
Mastic roofing composition—mfpmSiding, insulating: impregnated—mfpm
Pitch, roofing—mfpmTar paper, roofing—mfpm
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2952Asphalt Felts and Coatings574
295200Asphalt felts and coatings274
29520000Asphalt felts and coatings274
295201Roofing materials245
29520100Roofing materials166
29520102Roof cement: asphalt, fibrous, or plastic23
29520103Roofing felts, cements, or coatings, nec39
29520104Roofing pitch (not from refineries or coke ovens)1
29520105Tar paper, roofing5
295202Siding materials22
29520200Siding materials16
29520201Brick siding, asphalt0
29520202Siding, insulating: impregnated, from purchased materials6
295299Asphalt felts and coatings, nec33
29529901Asphalt saturated board2
29529902Coating compounds, tar28
29529903Sheathing, asphalt saturated3